Taz Continues To Defend Himself After Accidentally Calling AEW Star ‘Tessa’ On Commentary

By | December 10, 2020

AEW television features some very fast-paced action. Tesha Price recently drew a lot of attention to herself, but it wasn’t because of anything she said first. Taz accidentally called her “Tessa” on commentary during AEW Dark, and plenty of people noticed.

Taz reacted to this situation, and he apologized as well. That didn’t seem to satisfy some fans. Taz then replied to another fan who was giving him a hard time to further explain himself.

My job, 2 b informative, entertaining & assist contracted talent (some talent isn’t under contract) in my call when I can. My point wasn’t gettin peoples name wrong it was durning matches names that sound like other names can defiantly come out sounding wrong in fast pace action.

Tesha Price received a match on AEW Dynamite this week. It didn’t end well for her as Abadon destroyed her, but at least they got her name right on commentary throughout her match.