Terri Runnels Drags Size Of Brock Lesnar’s Manhood

By | September 16, 2021

Dark Side of the Ring returned tonight for an episode that many pro wrestling fans were eagerly waiting on. The Plane Ride From Hell was covered in gripping detail, and that included a very embarrassing story about Brock Lesnar’s junk from Terri Runnels.

The former Marlena’s story about Brock Lesnar is nothing new. In a 2004 interview with PW Torch, Terri Runnels painted the entire picture for fans and she also had a very colorful way of describing Brock Lesnar’s manhood.

Ewwww! You know what, I’ll tell you something because this is something I’ve never told before, but I’ll go ahead and rat on him. I have no respect for him whatsoever. The reason being—and maybe this is because he was young and dumb, and we’ve all had our young and dumb moments. When he was first in the business, I will never forget we were at a pay—per—view in England, and the girls’ dressing room and some other little room were right next door to each other. Dustin was in this other room watching a monitor and beside Dustin was Brock. He was in the middle. To the right of Brock was Curt Hennig. And I walked next door to say something to Dustin. I forget what. And Brock was sitting there in a towel and Brock opened the towel and exposed himself. And, boy was that a little red penis. I have never seen something so red. I didn’t know skin could be pink like a mouse. I just didn’t understand that could happen. But it was this pink thing. I remember thinking, number one, well, why would you want to show that? Number two, I remember thinking how disrespectful it was. I carry myself as a lady and have for many years.

The Plane Ride From Hell is an event that many fans wanted to know more about, but those who suffered through the experience would rather forget it. We’ll have to see if this is the final word on that controversial experience, but Terri Runnels certainly had an uncomfortable time with the Beast Incarnate.

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September 16, 2021 10:49 pm