The Undertaker Reveals Secret Trick To Tombstone Piledriver

By | January 21, 2021

The Undertaker finished off tons of opponents with the Tombstone piledriver. There is a secret to the way The Phenom applies that devastating move to make sure he never caused any tragic damage.

While speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience, The Undertaker was asked how he performed his famous WWE finishing move without hurting anyone. He took a second before answering, but then revealed his little trick to make sure everything goes according to plan.

“It’s the way that you grab them, you actually gotta be strong enough to support their body and the key for me is before my knees [hit the canvas] I’m kinda pulling them up so it’s kinda like a shock absorber. So, ideally the head never touches.”

This is not the kind of answer anyone would get from The Undertaker prior to him breaking kayfabe. Now fans are able to know the real man behind the mystique. He is also able to open up and give away a few tricks of the trade along the way.

Transcription by Ringside News