Tony Khan Made Sure AEW Video Tribute For Brodie Lee Will Last Forever

By | December 30, 2020

AEW included a brilliant video package for Mr. Brodie Lee at the end of Dynamite this week. Tony Khan went above and beyond to make sure that video package lasts forever.

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Tony Khan tweeted out a thank you to all of the fans who enjoyed AEW Dynamite’s Celebration of Brodie Lee’s life this week. Khan also revealed that he has purchased the rights for “Ol 55” by Tom Waits in perpetuity.

Thank you everyone who joined us tonight on #AEWDynamite to celebrate the life of Jon Huber, known to fans as Mr. Brodie Lee. It was a great honor to host his family Amanda, Brodie & Nolan. I bought the rights to Ol’ 55 by Tom Waits in perpetuity so that tribute will last forever

Brodie Lee is gone, but he is not forgotten. AEW is also retiring the current look of the TNT Title with intentions of coming up with a new design.

This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite tugged on the heartstrings of so many. That video package was also top notch, and AEW has the rights to that song forever as well. You can watch the video below.