Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Meet With Fans Before WWE SmackDown

By | July 16, 2021

WWE is getting back on the road and that will kick off in Houston tonight in front of a sold out house. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are there and very excited about kicking things off with fans once again.

The WWE power couple was spotted with fans before the big SmackDown event kicked off. Triple H “too sweeted” some fans and they took some selfies as well WWE sent out this video along with a caption to hype this rare public appearance.

@StephMcMahon & @TripleH got to meet members of the WWE Universe before #SmackDown goes LIVE tonight on @FOXTV!

We’ll have to see what WWE has in store for fans once SmackDown kicks off this week. They have many new faces backstage and some returns in the wings ready to go. WWE is hitting the ground running and will be making as much noise as possible in their direction as they start touring once again.

What’s your take on WWE getting back on the road? Will it make things better? Sound off in the comments!