Trish Stratus Compares Feud With Lita To The Rock & Steve Austin

By | June 19, 2021

WWE Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus is undoubtedly one of the most popular female WWE Superstars in the history of the company and truly set the stage for women’s wrestling in general.

Trish Stratus’ legendary feud with Lita truly redefined what it meant to be a female performer in WWE back in the day and paved the way for the betterment of women’s wrestling in the company.

While speaking to Oral Sessions, Trish Stratus talked about her longstanding rivalry with Lita. Trish Stratus stated that she and Lita had the same dynamic as The Rock and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, which made fans more engaged.

“Our rivalry is like decades-long. We have that dynamic because we talk about the yin and the yang of us. That’s what I think fans loved about us. They dug that. Dare I say it was a Rock-Austin dynamic in the ring. When the two of us got in there, they were like, ‘Oh we’re going to get something good.’ We had the opportunity to develop as characters through being valets as well. It’s sort of a forgotten art – valeting – because it’s such a great way to establish characters. We got the opportunity to do the intergender stuff, which was huge. We had that match with her and Rock vs. me and Triple H. Things like that in the main event. Things that really spoke to the audience….I think a lot of that stuff helped establish us as characters, but also we’re going through this. So, we’re getting these fantastic opportunities and these chances to change history, not that we knew it at the time. But like we were together.”

Trish Stratus and Lita both had legendary careers and were inducted WWE Hall Of Fame in back-to-back years. Stratus was inducted in the Class of 2013 while Lita was inducted in the Class of 2014.

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