WWE Clash Of Champions 2021 Location Revealed

By | June 24, 2021

WWE owns a lot of intellectual property that they can break out whenever they need to pepper in a bit of nostalgia. Clash of Champions is an event that they have dusted off a few times and it is coming back this year.

According to a report from PW Insider, WWE is hosting the 2021 Clash of Champions event in Columbus Ohio. The event is slated for Sunday September 26th. Nationwide Arena will host the event, a venue that WWE has used several times in the past as their Columbus location.

The 2021 WWE Clash of Champions PPV will take place on Sunday 9/26 in Columbus, Ohio,

The show will take place at the Nationwide Arena.

We’ll have to see what WWE does with this event. It will come after the WWE Draft, and anything can change from now until then.

There are some plans being discussed for after the Draft, but nothing has been 100% locked down yet. The WWE landscape could look very different by the time Clash of Champions rolls around, but every title on the main roster is expected to be defended.

What’s your take on Clash of Champions? Are you excited for its return? Sound off in the comments!