WWE Cut Flat Survivor Series Bonuses For Several Superstars

By | November 27, 2020

WWE Survivor Series took place in the ThunderDome with zero live fans. Since there was no gate to worry about, that could have made it easier to cut a bonus check.

According to Fightful Select, “several people” in WWE were given “flat bonuses” that were determined before the event even started. The number $15,000 was mentioned for appearing on the show, but it wasn’t clear if that was across the board.

There were several people that were told they would be given $15,000 bonuses for appearing on Survivor Series in a highlighted match. We aren’t sure if that’s across the board or if there are additional levels.

It was also noted that several WWE contracts are made up to feature a variety of levels including WWE Network bonuses. Superstars might not get what they used to without any live fans, but they are still making bonuses for big events.