WWE Possibly Preparing To Change Lars Sullivan’s Name

By | October 23, 2020

Lars Sullivan made his return to WWE television after a very long hiatus. He is on the SmackDown brand and running roughshod while Michael Cole really tries to put over a new name for him.

During WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Michael Cole called Lars Sullivan “The Freak” 22 times. That was far more times than Cole said Lars Sullivan’s actual ring name.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this could be a sign that WWE is preparing to make a more permanent change to Sullivan’s name.

While they did use the name Sullivan, it’s very clear they are trying to put over the name The Freak, which Cole said over and over and over, while only saying Sullivan a few times. It’s what they do when the plan is to transition the name. 

Vince McMahon will change up a Superstar’s name for any reason he sees fit. He nixed several first names in the past because he didn’t want Superstars to be called by their first names. He also really hates any name with “Jr” in it, because that was what everyone called Vince McMahon who knew his father Vince Sr.

WWE might end up changing up Lars Sullivan’s name, or they might have just wanted to get The Freak name over so fans stop calling him Mitch Bennett.