WWE Staying In ThunderDome A Bit Longer Than Expected

By | October 12, 2020

WWE has a lot of options coming up in Florida as they entered phase 3 of reopening. Those plans might be taking a bit longer to get in place.

The company signed a big deal with the Amway Center in Orlando Florida to move in their ThunderDome. According to PW Insider, the ThunderDome isn’t going away so soon. Their contract was set to expire on October 31st, but they are staying at least four more weeks.

The company will be producing Raw and Smackdown out of Orlando’s Amway Center, extending the length of the ThunderDome concept at least another four weeks.

This puts WWE at around December for a ThunderDome exit. A lot can change in that period of time because a very important event in American history is set to take place on November 3rd.

The thinking of pushing Hell In A Cell up to October 25th was to get one more pay-per-view out of the ThunderDome. Now Survivor Series looks likely to take place in the virtual fan environment as well. WWE obviously wants to bring fans back to Raw and SmackDown, but the ThunderDome will have to work for a bit longer.