WWE Working Around Drew McIntyre’s Injury On Road To WrestleMania

By | February 7, 2022

Drew McIntyre returned at the WWE Royal Rumble with destruction on his mind. It looks like Madcap Moss will be the first to feel his wrath at the Elimination Chamber event in Saudi Arabia. Drew is penciled in to take on Corbin at WrestleMania and eventually for a huge storyline with Roman Reigns. McIntyre might be taking it a little easy on the way to Dallas, though.

Drew missed some time recently due to an ongoing neck injury. Although he returned at the Royal Rumble and was quite physical in the match, McIntyre is still healing. The Scottish Warrior is wrestling at less than 100%.

WWE has decided to lighten up on Drew McIntyre’s schedule to help him heal before WrestleMania. Dave Meltzer discussed the plan on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Drew won’t be doing house shows for the time being and isn’t planned for any lengthy matches in the interim.

“He’s not 100%. He’s going to do TVs, he’s not going to do house shows for now. He’s still working on rehab, it’s not like he’s fixed or anything. But, you know, he is back on TV which, I mean, he’ll do the match with Moss in Saudi Arabia and probably wrestle Corbin at WrestleMania most likely and I’m going to guess that he’ll probably run through them…

But, he did come back very, very quickly… The theory is that by WrestleMania he’ll be OK. That was always the hoped-for thing is that he’ll be healthy enough by WrestleMania. I mean, look, he was in the Rumble for a long time. And he threw people around.”

The WWE Universe has been hoping to see Drew McIntyre get a huge main event push now that fans are back in the arenas. McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar in the main event of WrestleMania 36. Unfortunately, the match took place at the WWE Performance Center as the COVID-19 shutdowns were just beginning. Hopefully, Drew gets a true chance to shine soon.

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