WWE’s New Year’s Pay-Per-View Name Unveiled

By | August 24, 2021

WWE’s schedule added a new pay-per-view even with a truly unique name. While most of the pay-per-view events by the company are traditional, WWE attempts to reinvent the wheel. The promotion is moving forward with the first-ever instance of doing a completely new pay-per-view with its own theme.

The company chose the first day of 2022 to organize the event. The name for the pay-per-view has been decided to be ‘Day 1.’ Many suspect that the brand has unique plans up its sleeves.

The show will be organized on Saturday, January 1, 2022. Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, it will make the first instance in 6 years when WWE conducts a huge pay-per-view event in the state.

The revelation of the ‘Day 1’ pay-per-view comes from a local commercial for the event. After being announced, it became viral with plenty of fans sharing the news of a completely new event being added to WWE schedule.

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