WWE’s Plan For New RAW & SmackDown Sets

By | July 14, 2021

WWE is getting back on the road and that means a fresh look is coming as well. RAW and SmackDown will both get brand new sets, and they will be revealed very soon.

Forbes recently spoke to WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon who confirmed that SmackDown’s new set will debut this Friday when WWE brings live fans back to Houston. The company plans to utilize additional digital and augmented reality, so those entrances might be even grander.

She didn’t reveal anything specific regarding exactly what those new set will look like, but she seemed very excited about utilizing new techniques they picked up through the last year.

“We’ve learned a lot during this time utilizing these different techniques and we’re really ready to merge the physical and virtual worlds in ways we never have done before. We’re always looking to be slightly ahead of the curve. From a technology standpoint I think that we’re constantly reinventing ourselves. While we were utilizing some of these techniques, I think the key learnings during COVID absolutely sped up the adoption of those technologies in this way.”

WWE might opt for a lighter production set so it doesn’t cost so much to transport. They saved a ton off their bottom line when eliminating live touring. They moved into the ThunderDome, but those days are over. Now we will have to see what new techniques WWE will implement with their new presentaiton.

What do you expect from the new sets? Will you miss the ThunderDome? Sound off in the comments!