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Fear Street: Part 3 – 1666: A Showstopping Finale

Fear Street Is A Spectacular Trilogy Worth Seeing If you’re reading this review of Fear Street: Part 3 – 1666 because you wanted to know if you should watch the whole trilogy, I’ll give you your answer: Yes. You absolutely should watch them; see them in order. My previous positive statements didn’t give the movies… Read More »

Rules for Vanishing: Not The Novel You’d Expect

Rules for Vanishing Is Not What You Think It Is Rules for Vanishing is such a different book from anything we’ve reviewed on the site in a long time. It’s a dark medley of The Wizard of Oz, Lovecraftian Horror, and The Blair Witch Project. And, though I ultimately enjoyed reading this book—if for that… Read More »

It Came From The Archives! “The Chaos Walking Trilogy: The YA War Series of 2010”

(Since we just finished going over every published Fazbear Frights book, and some of you might need something to read, I figured I’d bring back around my review of this excellent science fiction series. – Brandon Scott) Originally Published: May 26th, 2021  Chaos Walking Goes To Some Really Dark Places Having now read the entire… Read More »

It Came From The Archives! “Learning Writing From Brandon Sanderson”

(This is perhaps the most evergreen article I’ve ever written. It is always relevant. And, since a lot of our readers are writers, it seemed worthwhile to bring it to the attention of anyone new to the site. – Brandon Scott) Originally Published: October 5th, 2020  [embedded content] Brandon Sanderson Is Amazing And Entertaining I… Read More »