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AI-generated books force Amazon to cap ebook publications to 3 per day

reader comments 29 with On Monday, Amazon introduced a new policy that limits Kindle authors from self-publishing more than three books per day on its platform, reports The Guardian. The rule comes as Amazon works to curb abuses of its publication system from an influx of AI-generated books. Amazon revealed the new limitations in a… Read More »

Blade of the Moon Princess Vol. 1 Review: Tatsuya Endo Manga Hits US

Following the success of Tatsuya Endo’s Spy x Family series, his Blade of the Moon Princess manga has received a US release from Viz Media. The first volume, which was originally released in Japan in 2010, is now available in English, and fans won’t have to wait too long for the second volume as it… Read More »

Family Business: An Exploration Of Death

Family Business Isn’t Always Outright Scary I had to wait a long time to get Family Business in hardcover—and I was a little disappointed when I did. Though it still contains some of the stronger elements that drew me to The Magnus Archives, including much-appreciated diversity in its characters, very creepy monsters, and a strong… Read More »

It Came From The Archives! “Praise For Extremely Short Art”

Even after all this time, I’m still impressed by Baymax—and that only proves my point. Good writing and excellent storytelling don’t need hours to wow an audience. Originally Published: September 28th, 2022 Short Art Has A Different Vibe Than Other Projects I love long-form content: epic scope books, five-hour video essays, and sprawling television shows.… Read More »

Disney Chills Review: Book #6: Once Upon a Scream

Once Upon a Scream Soars Over The Previous Books Once Upon a Scream completes the available Disney Chills books. The Circle of Ter-ROAR is the only one left, and it’s set to release later this year. And it’s been an interesting project to undertake reviewing all of these. Each book has similar aspects, often reusing… Read More »

Tantalus Depths: Solid Sci-Fi Horror

Tantalus Depths Uses Strong Parts Of Its Various Subgenres Tantalus Depths is the kind of book that the right audience will love. It’s a solid combination of cosmic horror, somewhat-hard science fiction, and has sprinkles of space epic. And perhaps its biggest triumph is how it balances those three things in an organic, unfolding way… Read More »

The Girls Are Never Gone: Fast-Paced Scares

The Girls Are Never Gone Has A Mostly Well-Worn Premise The Girls Are Never Gone is an interesting blend of concepts attached to a traditional ghost story. From The Twisted Ones to Horrid to even aspects of Harrow Lake, I already knew this story’s bones. A story of generations, hidden pain, and young women facing… Read More »


Dark Horse Direct is proud to present exclusive, extremely limited editions of your favorite collectible books in a new Ultimate line! First to make its debut and in honor of the 15th anniversary of Assassin’s Creed®, Ubisoft and Dark Horse Direct have teamed up to celebrate the making of the game in ultimate fashion with The Making of Assassin’s… Read More »

An Ode To Tropes

Tropes Exist Everywhere In Every Story That’s Told When you become a diehard fan of a type of media or genre (really any of them), you notice patterns. I’ve spoken before about storytelling patterns in the wider construct of narratives, but what I mean this time is tropes. Tropes are—for those unaware—recurring types of moments/situations/characters/etc.… Read More »

It Came From The Archives! “The Twisted Ones: Slow-Burn Nightmare”

A few pieces of media consistently scare me, and those I’ve spoken about a lot. Sadly, horror books are almost never on that list. When I’m reading horror, one scene per book (max) will affect me on a gut level—one perfect culmination of tension and imagery that sears itself into my memory. This book has… Read More »