Arriving on Halloween, CENTRALIA: EPICENTER Presents Six Tales of Terror

By | October 22, 2020

Evil has a network beneath Earth’s surface and its name is CENTRALIA.

On Halloween, six writers come together to explore supernatural mystery and horror in six towns that share the name Centralia.

The United States is home to twelve towns of varying sizes called Centralia, where thousands of people live, never realizing that supernatural forces are aligning against them. Strange events have occurred in one Centralia or another since the 1800’s, but these events are growing more intense with every passing day. A powerful, malevolent force prepares to unleash its evil upon the world through Centralia gateways located in New York, Missouri, West Virginia, Kansas, Texas, and Washington.

CENTRALIA: EPICENTER presents six prose stories, six unique supernatural mysteries, six fictionalized versions of Centralia towns, and six unlikely heroes standing against burgeoning darkness. In these tales, readers will meet a necromancer who carries a secret the Lords of the Dead will kill to protect, an ex-special forces combat magician, a clockwork robot detective, a professor of occult studies who refuses to stand idly by when evil rears its ugly head, a blind psychic who sees through her grandmother’s eyes, and a martial artist with an affinity for cryptids.

Six writers have joined forces to bring these tales to life. Brian Keene is the author of more than fifty books, mostly in the horror, crime, and fantasy genres; His work includes THE RISING, DARK HOLLOW, GHOUL, and DEAD SEA. Michael Patrick Hicks is the author of horror titles including THE RESURRECTIONISTS, BROKEN SHELLS, and MASS HYSTERIA. Adam Cesare is the author of books such as CLOWN IN A CORNFIELD and VIDEO NIGHT. Brian Quinn is one of the stars of TruTV’s IMPRACTICAL JOKERS and the co-creator of the graphic novel METRO. Cullen Bunn is the writer of comic books such as THE SIXTH GUN, HARROW COUNTY, BONE PARISH, and THE EMPTY MAN. Heath Amodio is the founders of Hustle & Heart Films and Executive Producer on their first three film and television projects.

CENTRALIA: EPICENTER is the first in a series of shared world anthologies. Each volume will present new tales of horror, mystery, and suspense. The characters introduced in this volume will interact and partner up in future adventures—all leading to the ultimate confrontation with the supernatural evil growing under the surface of our world.

The book will be available on October 31 for Kindle and in print through Amazon.