Asylum Press announces the release of Fearless Dawn: The Bomb the long awaited origin story of Steve Mannion’s signature character.

By | January 5, 2023

Fearless Dawn Can be pre-ordered at your local comics shop. The Deadline to pre-order is jan 18th.

The origin of Fearless Dawn is finally told! This is a great jumping on point for any comic book fans who are not familiar with this funny, sexy, stumbling super-heroine. Learn how the awkward Prissy Jones gets her super-powers and how she creates her own costume of moose elks, action gloves and whoop-ass utility belt!. Fearless Dawn comics have always been about great art and fun frolics and this latest offering is no exception! Artist/writer Steven Mannion whips up some of the craziest comic book tales this side of The GOON and MAD MAGAZINE in this brilliantly executed high octane project FEARLESS DAWN (Origin Story), BROWNHOLE JONES (Zombie Island Party) and introduces the R.Crumbesque JUNGLE CHICK and the DINOSAUR.

“We are very excited to offer comic fans Fearless Dawn: The Bomb, a four issue limited series from Asylum Press. Fearless dawn has been around since the early 2000s in various forms, first appearing in Strange Battle Tales #1, a small press one-shot published by Big Ape Comics, explains publisher Frank Forte”, Steve Mannion had then published Fearless Dawn’s origin in a comic book entitled THE BOMB in the early 2000s. This was a  4-issue mini-series that Steve Mannion had self-published under the banner Atom Bomb Comics. This book had limited exposure as it was a POD (print on demand) book.

“It took me a year to sell 100 issues… on foot…at local comic book shows,” says Steve Mannion, “and on Ebay. I had to put an original drawing on them to sell ’em on Ebay! My motto was…”Atom Bomb Comics…One fan at a time”. It was very hard introducing a new character into the comic book market at the time. But I stuck with it, and we developed a small, loyal audience.”

“When I saw Strange Pirate Tales and The Bomb, I knew I wanted to publish Fearless Dawn, says publisher Frank Forte, “That’s when we did the 4-issue color mini-series entitled Fearless Dawn, which we now sometimes call Fearless Dawn: the Belly of The Beast.

“Asylum Press collected The Bomb into a trade paper back in 2010 and it quickly became a fan favorite,”Frank Forte continues,” but because we never titled it with “Fearless Dawn: The Bomb”, fans never knew it was part of the cannon. The Bomb TPB is long out of print and is hard to come by.  With Fearless Dawn: The Bomb #1 fans of Fearless Dawn and Steve Mannion can finally read the origin story at the low introductory price of $4.99.  The book is 32 pages and has 30 pages of comic content including the origin story, back up stories and character bios so fans can get a glimpse of who’s who in the Fearless Dawn Universe.”
Fearless Dawn: The Bomb #1 (of 4) can be preordered now and is scheduled to ship March 2023. Fearless Dawn: The Bomb will be a bi-monthly series.