Stjepan Šejić’s Sunstone Statue Available Now on Indiegogo

By | January 5, 2023

World renowned creator Stjepan Šejić’s brings his stunning Sunstone statue to Indiegogo for all fans who missed the previous opportunity to get it or prefer the platform. Ally and Lisa, the two central characters from his mature romance comic series burst into the third dimension for the first time. It is available to order now on Indiegogo!

Stjepan Šejić was intricately involved along each step of designing this piece. For the first ever statue of these characters, he took care of overall design, paint color, and countless details. The final statue stands at nearly a foot tall, on a 5.25 inch base.

The Indiegogo not only offers the spotlighted statue, but also multiple limited edition variations such as a blank paint-less version or the ultra-deluxe “diamond eye.” In addition to the statue, fans can also grab some awesome add-ons. A five piece limited edition Sunstone trading card set is being offered. As is a 20 page sketchbook filled with beautiful images of Ally and Lisa.

Whether a fan has been reading Sunstone, following Šejić for nearly a decade, or is a newcomer to the series thanks to new formats or recent discovery, there’s an option for every fan here! At the heart of it all is this beautiful limited edition statue that has been lovingly crafted.