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  I have always said I prefer reading and paying for physical comics A.K.A. “floppy’s” over digital comics any day. There’s just something about holding that colorful scroll of lore and intrigue that will never be replicated in digital form. That being said, I am a big fan, so far, of John Ridley’s Next Batman, so when I heard they were releasing an origin type prequel for the first black man to don the iconic cape and cowl, I was first in line for a copy. There’s a whole entire article to be written about the first black Batman in history, but this isn’t it.

  This review will focus on DC’s digital first mini series The Next Batman: Second Son which reveals just what Tim Fox was gettin’ up to before he was the new Dark Knight of Gotham and his current connection to the DC universe. First chapters beginning February 23. The first three digital chapters will be collected into the debut print issue, available at comic book stores on April 6. This limited issue run will give details about Tim’s estrangement from Lucius Fox and the rest of the Fox family and how he goes from spymaster sleuth to the baddest mo-fo in Gotham’s rooftop shadows! With stunning artwork by Tony Akins (Jack of Fables), Travel Foreman (Animal Man, Birds of Prey) and Mark Morales (Justice League, Deathstroke, REPRESENT!/”It’s A Bird”)


(first 9 pages)

A million dollars used to be cool, not anymore. Now you gotta be a billionaire before anybody takes notice. Maybe this guy Tim Fox is about to wreck should’ve stayed a millionaire, he might of had a chance. Our Next Batman before he became Batman had an entitled scumbag named Tyker Arkadne in his sights. With a little help from a voice on his coms he calls Vol, the sly Fox infiltrates Arkadne’s compound looking to bust heads. A small diversion, some spy tech and some smooth moves is all it takes to get the job done. Only the job isn’t there. The files are empty and the guards have seen him. They’re blown! This. Isn’t. Good.

Confronted by Tyler and a few of his goons, with nothing to lose Tim tells him about his self. Tim thinks Tyler is a piece of %$@&…

He also thinks Mr. Arkadne isn’t really a philanthropist like he portrays himself to be. It’s all a front for a trafficking ring. So Tim and Vol believe. Billionaire boy thinks that’s a real hoot. Poor spy is gonna be dead in a minute and doesn’t even know what for. Batman-to-be has other plans though, he flings his baton at Tyler’s cheek bone and cracks it good. Another diversion, Fox wants his thugs to bum rush. Get em in close, into his reach. Of course they fall for it and POW-BANG-BIFF the Next Batman mops the floor with ’em.

They start bustin’ shots at him as he stabs out on the nearest 4-wheeler he can grab, and disappears into the night before they can follow. Back at the spot Tim thinks about the way Arkadne alluded to the fact that there was no trafficking ring, but what else could he be up to?

As we enter the Batman’s crib we are surprised by Grifter of the Wild C.A.T.s just chillin on the couch wit’ a broad like it’s all good. He’s tired, hungover and there’s a gajillion places he’d rather be, but Grifter has apparently been tasked with bringing young master Fox home to his…”dad”?


I personally thought this first taste of the story was rather bland. Not much to it, but that’s not saying much either. It’s only the intro, 9 pages in. I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and will definitely be reading what comes next for Next Batman. Already a fan of John Ridley’s dope new character I don’t need to be sold at this point. So far we’ve gotten a small action sequence and the start of a mystery to be solved. I like the spy genre and the mention of “The Farm” we get here was a clear nod to the CIA’s training grounds right here in Virginia, where I live now. Bruce Wayne was a detective and a ninja so making Tim Fox an ex spook is a cool way to stay in the realm of what Batman should be while doing something fresh and new.

As my readers know I am a physical comics kind of guy. It saddens me that the comic industry is going the way of the paperback novel. Reading a screen and scrolling with a mouse will never take the place of curling up on the couch with a comic book. I hate that the powers that be in the comic industry don’t see this. Alas, we will surely see the end of physical comics one day but until that day I will support my local comic shops and the culture we all hold so dear. It is a pity my grandchildren may never know the fun and excitement of chillin’ in a comic shop and going back and forth with the other customers about who was the better Batman, Michael Keaton or Christian Bale (Keaton all day long 😉 or who has better characters Marvel or DC. Just the experience of sifting through long-boxes hoping to find that key issue or gem you’ve been hunting for. There’s nothing like it.

I digress… I can’t wait for the physical comic for Next Batman: Second Son hits shelves April 6th but until then I’ll be downloading and clicking my way through these chapters as they release.

I cannot give a rating for this comic as I’ve only read the first few pages but from what I’m seeing it’s gonna be a hella-good one! Be on the lookout for new digital chapters and go out and support your local comic shop April 6th and cop the “floppy”!

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