Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Wolverine Deluxe Steel Box Edition Figure Review

By | August 25, 2022

Today in the Toyverse, we travel back down a road I have spoken about in a hot minute. That road of course is Mezco Toyz.  This figure is quite special I have to say. He is packed with so much( at 155 dollars he better be) that you can’t help but enjoy it. If you are looking for a definitive version of the tiger stripe Canadian mutant, I would be hard press to say it doesn’t get better than this. The costume still ahs Mezco twist to it, but its very small, and show not get in the way of you enjoying this character in this costume.

In terms of function, he articulates overall pretty good. My only real issue is the arms. Those double jointed elbows don’t go as far as I know they could. Another thing to highlight with the arms is that they are pretty stiff. If loosing them up please take extreme care in that process. In terms of sculpt though, I think he looks amazing. I have no issues with the aesthetic. Maybe the should pads could have been a bit better, but I am just saying what comes to my head.

As for accessories, this mutant wrecking machine has a ton going for it. Nine interchangeable heads. Battle damage heads, unmasked heads, angry heads, and so much more. The expressions you can get out of him are amazing.  Plus you can get 1st appearance looks rocking and rolling. Multiple hands, and multiple claw hands. Bone claws, adamantium claws, and posing hands. One cool additional feature with this guy is the slash effects packed in. Five slashing effects to get your Wolverine grove on. One other additional thing this character comes with is this massive Sentinel base. Its cool, but a little unsized for my taste. It has light up features, but it doesn’t tickle my pickle one way or another. You do get a standard base as well.

I won’t lie and say for a die hard Wolverine fan, this figure from Mezco is the perfect gift or addition to a collection. I don’t know what more they could of done to make this even better. The price tag is a bit high, but I don’t feel cheated with my purchase.  Enjoy the additional photos and if you pick it up, let me know.

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