Pimping the Long Box #2

By | January 11, 2021

By Blind Adam Wonders the Comic Pimp

Hello my Comic Crusaders Family,

Before we deliver the pimp hand of doom, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and abundant New Year. I hope all your hearts’ desires come true. Please go chase your dreams and live life at ninety percent or more. Remember, you don’t need sight to have a vision. It is not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it. This is America where the streets are paved with gold. Please have a kick ass big pimpin’ 2021 and go turn your dreams into reality today.

Now onto a few random thoughts and some speculation musings that strike my fancy this week.

Amazing Spider-Man #55 was an awesome and amazing read. Nick Spender is killing it on the Amazing Spider-Man series. It’s the best it has been since M.S. and having Harry Osborn come back in this way is just genius. Norman Osborn killed and impregnated Gwen Stacey, yes. According to ASM #55, sins past still happened and Norman and Gwen’s twins still happened. To all the haters: just deal with it. All the events of one more day happened and it looks as if Mary Jane Watson has made a deal with Norman Osborn at the end of this issue. I am just loving Nick Spencer’s run and I cannot wait to see the fall out of this issue.

If you want to make some money with Spider-Man Comics, this is how you do it and do it cheap (like, dollar box cheap). These books are some Amazing Spider-Man hidden gems.

-Amazing Spider-Man #509-512 Sins Past, Gwen and Norman sitting in a tree and making children.

509 even has a director’s cut variant. This is one of the most hated Spider-Man stories in history. I loved it, but I am a sicko. I even believe the trade for this is out of print and these can be flipped for five bucks a piece.


  • Don’t forget about Amazing Spider-Man #544-546 One more day and Brand New Day

The events of #546 have been mentioned a lot during The Last Remains storyline where Harry is brought back from the dead. This can be found in dollar boxes along with all the parts of One More Day.

  • Spectacular Spider-Man #200
  • This is the money shot of all Harry Osborn Last Remains Spec. Harry dies in this issue. You can find it in boxes at shops and conventions between one and fice dollars and flip that shit for then. I also like Spider-Man Blue, the six issue mini series from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. This is a love letter to Amazing Spider-Man #39-50 and mentions the infamous death of Gwen Stacey in Amazing Spider-Man #121.
  • Reprinted in Marvel Tales #98 Marvel Tales #192 and of course the death of Norman Osborn in Amazing Spider-Man #122 reprinted in Marvel tales #99 and Marvel tales #192. Cheap reprint books like Marvel Tales can be found for a few bucks and turned into twenty dollar bills. Full sets of Spider-Man Blue can fetch upwards of forty dollars on Ebay. Once again, I believe the trade is out of print.
  • The reveal of Kindred has been going on since the start of Nick Spencer’s run, so books like Amazing Spider-Man 2018 #31 are worth going back and rereading and investing in as well. I know Nick Spencer has haters but like, come on. Get over the Secret Empire Event. He tried something different with an Evil Captain America and it didn’t work out. His Spider-Man run has been a fun ride and has made Spider-Man great again. So go get me and Amek the mother fucking money.

My final thought of this week is this: Why did people not like Kevin Smith’s sixth movie Jersey Girl? Just watched it this week and love it. There is no bad Kevin Smith movie. Kevin Smith is the greatest filmmaker and comic book writer of all time. Kevin Smith is the modern day Stan Lee. This is to be no disrespect to Stan the Man Lee, God rest Stan Lee’s soul. But Kevin Smith just screams comic book fanboy and that is a fact, sir. He can now fill that void that is left by Stan being up in heaven with his beloved Joan. Jersey Girl is a funny romantic comedy. It features one of the best on screen performances of George Carlins’ career. The interactions between George and Ben Affleck’s Olie in this movie are just the classy. Just great father and son fighting. The little girl that plays Ben Affleck’s daughter in this movie steals the entire movie. Is she still acting> The scene where she catches Ben and Taylor in the shower is classic. The school play is sweet, it features a kick ass cameo by Jason Lee and is a must watch for any Kevin Smith fan. So why is this movie disliked among Kevin Smith fans? Like I said, Kevin Smith is the goat. The greatest of all time.

Mr. Smith, thank you for Jersey Girl, Mallrats and your entire body of work. Thank you for teaching a blind man to see and see in a different way. Thank you for the secret stash at an even in 2003 when I asked if blink people can make movies and you told me to just make a fucking movie. Thank you. Thank you for changing my life by making Zack and Mary make a Porno. That movie is my text book and I did what Zack and Mary did. That is the reason I now have a Many Vids account and am making sexy movies with sexy ladies, have a podcast and am writing for comic crusaders. Thank you Kevin Smith for helping me chase my dreams. You’re the man and your movies are the stuff of legend. One day, I will work with you. Even if it’s as an extra. Say, as an extra in Mall Rats. But again, thank you for the blueprint and for the inspiration and for teaching me that you don’t need sight to have a vision.

In closing, I want to just pay my respects to D.F. Doom and Brody Lee. Both passed away during the holidays. D.F. Doom is a hip hop legend and Adult Swim icon. He was even featured in Hip Hop Family tree #5. Thank you for the memories and great music. In your honor, I will get a lap dance to one of your songs at Scores when it reopens. To Brody Lee, the AEW Champion, thank you for your body of wrestling matches and being awesome. When conventions reopen in 2021 or whenever that will be, go to your heroes and just say thank you. Thank you are free. If you can afford it, buy an autograph. Buy a photo or a recording. For someone that way raised by TV and only had comic books and entertainment growing up, getting to say thank you to someone that helped you and inspired you is important. So go thank your heroes and roll models at a convection sometime this year.

Well, that is it. Remember that you don’t need sight to have a vision and it is not what happens to you, but what you do about it. The streets are paved with gold. Go turn your dreams into realities.

In closing, if no one said that they love you today, I, the ComicPimp say I love you. Life always gets better. Please keep your pimp hand strong, use the force and remember life is awesome and amazing.

Love you all,
Blind Adam Out.