Review: E-RATIC #1 (of 5)

By | December 3, 2020

The story for E-ratic #1, is an interesting blend of current events which comes at a time when trust in Science is on shaky ground, and confidence in the economy is at its lowest.

The opening panels for E-ratic #1 is set in a Mapleton High School, where a social Outcast by the name of Oliver Lief has begun his first day of school.  The students go through great lengths to impress upon Oliver that Mapleton, is €œWhere Nothing and No One Ever Happens The thing is that is not true as they literally have a shrine to the Maple 10, a group that died because of the Great Death Event. No further information provided.

Oliver’s mother has relocated her sons to the sleepy town of Maple, for a new job opportunity.  As it turns out the promise of work is just a scam.

As a side note, because of being a Reborn, he has unlimited super-powers except he only has 10 minutes to use them.

The script by Kaare Andrews, is very entertaining, and has potential, but it will need to take a little more time to world-build.  It was so entertaining that I forgot that Oliver had superpowers. I have so many questions, but the main one is, the mystery of Mapleton is kind of big, does Oliver really need super-powers?

The art for E-Ratic #1 was done by the Maestro, Mike Deodato.  The character designs are easy on the eyes, and the background imagery is amazing with the amount of details put into them.   Within the panels Deodato was able to capture some familiar scenes of the angsty teen, whose shows up at a new school, and just wants to fit in.

4.5 out 5 stars.  The of dialogue was a bit kitsch. At times it came off with an Archie feel or something for the Mean Girls fan club. But I will give this issue extra points for not treating the teenagers as a group of vapid beings stuck on their phones all the time.


Erratic #1 will have two covers: CVR A ANDREWS; CVR B DEODATO JR

(W/A) Kaare Andrews
(CA) Mike Deodato