By | February 21, 2023

If Coogler’s Black Panther was not the most tone-deaf in diplomatic policy when it comes to guarding Wakanda’s secrets, then DeMatteis’ Orisha can easily snatch first place when observing her role in Kraven’s origin via Spider-Man : The Lost Hunt.

I’ve enjoyed seeing Aja Orisha on panel since she was set up as Pete and MJ’s counselor under an auspicious pseudonym, but like every woman – Orisha has some damning secrets that she has kept close to her heart that have now been revealed in this latest issue. While flipping back and forth from MJ de-escalating a feral Peter poisoned by Kraven’s son, Orisha launches into a story about how she was apart of spiritual coven in Wakanda eventually becoming banished only to travel the world and find love in Harlem like she was Rihanna. Her husband died shortly after they have a son and Kraven steps into the picture like Greystoke, learning all of Orisha’s Wakandian spiritual practices to become the Sinister 6’s version of Tarzan and eventually treat Orisha’s son like Trey off Boyz-N-The-Hood while Kraven does his best to be Furious.

So despite the brief (and annoying) cutaways into Pete & MJ’s drama, this issue is yet another example of the stupidity of the Wakandian people constantly giving away their traditions to be perverted by outsiders. I hated seeing Orisha attempt to “fix” Kraven as he defiled traditions and became a superpowered poacher. She had her son calling this guy father! I know her dead husband is rolling in his grave! And then to see Orisha attempt to fix all dominoed problems that she started by trying to help out Peter Parker, it’s just weird. Especially with some of the sexual tension surrounding their relationship, Madame Web has more self respect than this seer!

Marguerite Sauvage depicts Orisha with an aristocratic royalty even when she is butt naked on her death bed, so why does she make the stupid mistakes that caused this series to even be canon?
Kraven being an exile from his own land like Orisha just isn’t enough of a reason for me to just sit back and smile as I read secrets of Africa be spoiled and perverted by European colonists thanks to a native woman who never should have been trusted with the sacred information in the first place, even if the African land this time around is fictitious.

Score : 3/5

(W) J.M. Dematteis (A) Eder Messias