Rumor: Marvel Multiplayer Game in the Works, Possibly a PS5 Exclusive

By | September 27, 2021

Marvel is going out to many studios and getting developers to make different kinds of games based on its properties. Almost all have been single-player in nature but, according to a recent rumor, that might be changing, as one insider claims a multiplayer Marvel game is on the way and might even be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

This rumor comes from XboxEra Co-Founder Nick “Shpeshal_Nick” Baker on the most recent episode of the XboxEra podcast. About 1:05:00 in, Baker speaks on a tip he has heard. Baker said his source asked him to peel back a little so it couldn’t be traced back to them, which makes the rumor a little more vague, but Baker was still able to spill a little on what he knew about the alleged multiplayer Marvel title.

“I have been told that there is a — and this is going to sound weird now without my original context, it’s going to sound stupid, kind of — multiplayer Marvel game allegedly in the works that will probably be a PS5 exclusive,” he said. “I have had to cut back what I was originally going to say so that now sounds a little bit funny and makes less sense than it would have had I got to say what I originally wanted to say.”

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He then went on to speculate (while repeatedly reiterating that it was just pure speculation) that Insomniac Games was making the game. Insomniac obviously has a good track record with Marvel with its two Spider-Man games, upcoming Spider-Man game, and Wolverine title. The team also put a hiring call on Twitter in June 2021 for a multiplayer systems designer. There are other candidates for this rumored game (and candidates that aren’t also making at least two big console adventures), but the established relationship and job listing does lend some credence to that theory.

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Baker also said it would “most likely” be exclusive to the PS5 and is part of Sony “leaning into Marvel.” He even told viewers to get “Marvel and Xbox out of [their] head.” Sony has already shown its willingness to have a relationship with Marvel. Aside from the aforementioned Spider-Man games and Wolverine one in the works, Sony secured exclusive Spider-Man DLC for Marvel’s Avengers, which is still slated for later this year. Guardians of the Galaxy and Midnight Suns, however, do not currently have any exclusive PlayStation content.

Baker has a semi-reliable track record. He accurately spoke about the Iki Island DLC for Ghost of Tsushima, various titles being on PlayStation Plus, God of War Ragnarok‘s inclusion in Sony’s September event, and Battlefield 2042‘s delay (to name a few) before they became official, but has also made some claims that haven’t come true yet (if they are true at all) and others that were not entirely accurate.