Tekken 8 Trailer Reveals Lars Alexandersson as Latest Roster Addition

By | March 21, 2023

Many of the recent Tekken 8 trailers have been all about characters who have already been revealed in one way or another. But this newest one stars a previously unconfirmed fighter, as it focuses on Lars Alexandersson.

Lars’ trailer has many familiar attacks, some of which are augmented by lightning because of his Mishima lineage. A few of the other moves channel the new Heat system, which will give players more options during fights.

Lars is the newest character to be revealed thus far, as he only joined the roster in Tekken 6. He’s the half-Swedish and half-Japanese son of Heihachi, meaning he’s Kazuya’s half-brother. As has been the case in other familial trailers, Lars can be seen beating up Kazuya here (as well as Jack the robot).

Despite an onslaught of character trailers, Bandai Namco still has yet to give Tekken 8 a release window.