Report: Spider-Man 2 Release Date Window Narrowed Down

By | March 21, 2023

Insomniac Games first said Spider-Man 2 was slated to release on PlayStation 5 in 2023. That time period was then narrowed to fall 2023. And according to a tweet from one of its main actors and a recent report, it might be coming sometime in September.

Actor Tony Todd, who is playing Venom in the game, tweeted that it “looks like September” when referring to game’s release window and that he was told there would be “massive publicity coming in August.” Todd’s following tweets were a little peculiar, as he tweeted “Oooops” when asked if it was real. A user then stated that Todd was saying “screw the NDA” and Todd simply replied “No.” He later said it was all a fever dream and blamed jet lag. However, before mostly winding down his Spider-Man tweets, he made a video using a more demonic, Venom-like voice saying it was the “person that has taken over Tony Todd’s Twitter feed” and to “not listen to anything he says” before ending the video saying that he needs to “get out of Twitter jail.”

It was quite a saga with an odd message that was backed up by Video Games Chronicle. The outlet said that its publishing sources had recently divulged the same release window.

Spider-Man also launched on September 7, 2018, meaning that its numbered sequel may fall somewhere around the same time five years later. However, Sony has not officially confirmed or denied as much.