Burrow: Another Amazing Animated Short

By | March 15, 2021

Burrow Is Another Delightful And Charming Short

While I have yet to see Soul, Burrow, the animation planned to precede it in theaters, is as good as one might expect. It’s cute, funny, and so well-animated it’s kind of insane.

But just saying it’s good is a given with these things, so let’s go into some of its merits. To start, though not unique anymore, they do an impressive trick: storytelling with no dialog. The most done is body language and a lot of squeaks to get across the plot. Everything else is communicated completely visually.

And that’s not all we get from the visuals. As I said before, this is animated gorgeously. Everything is done in this rich and earthy color palette, and there’s a phenomenal communication of space. The deep ecosystem of interlocking tunnels makes for a fascinating setting and allows for both a sense of verticality and later of the animal community. The scene where the water rises from the bottom holds instant stakes because we know this world underneath the earth and who inhabits it.


In Little Time, We Get Such A Sense Of This World

And someone clearly put a lot of thought and care into that last part. This is a short where you can pause on many scenes and will see wonderfully creative set-ups for the animals. The spaces and rooms and kitchens tell of such vibrant groups and families that they could easily carry a whole show.

I know it’s kind of silly to gush this much about such a short animation, but the fact we live in a time where cartoons like this are routine and readily available blows my mind. Burrow is a piece of art. It’s a piece of art short enough and inventive enough that anyone can enjoy it and fit it into a busy schedule. And I recommend you do. It may be a drop in the bucket of awesome animated shorts nowadays, but it’s also a drop of pure gold.

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