Learning Writing From Brandon Sanderson

By | October 5, 2020

Brandon Sanderson Is Amazing And Entertaining

I must admit that knowing another Brandon is one of the most successful fantasy writers out there makes me a little jealous. But Brandon Sanderson deserves all his success. He is a delightful person, with a wealth of knowledge about the craft of writing. He has a tremendous understanding of what it takes for new writers to make it in the wild industry of publishing books.

Oh, and he has a pet bird, and it’s the cutest thing when it turns over on its back.

How do I know this? Because I’ve spent about the last four days listening to the lecture series he gave at a college right before the pandemic hit. 

This Is One of The Best Writing References Online

And, no joke, it’s one of the most informative, most applicable-to-the-task lectures I have ever seen. 

Everything from characters, to world-building, to both traditional and indie publishing—the creative and business sides—are covered. He talks about things I, and probably many other authors, had to scour multiple craft books and websites and videos online to find. 

Want To Write Books? Watch Brandon Sanderson!

And, to make it even better, Brandon Sanderson is an amazing speaker and lecturer. He gives respect to his class and is funny, personable, and, most of all, entertaining.

I happily listened to this man explain contract law and royalty rates. He’s just got a way of presenting advice and facts that’s easy to understand, but incredibly information-dense.

You don’t have to like High Fantasy to like these videos. You don’t even need to want to write to get something out of them. It’s hours of a brilliant author being brilliant and charming and nerdy and helping along the next generation of authors.

And that’s extremely cool.

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