Mythic Deck Tech: Genesis Midrange (60% Winrate): Part 2

By | March 5, 2021

These are final notes. To hear the reasons for card choices and the general strategy of the deck: Click Here!

Let me be clear, I’ve played a lot of games with this deck, and it does take practice to use it optimally. Genesis Midrange rewards understanding when you can ignore your opponent’s attackers and go for the ramp win and when you need to stall. I’ve had games where I just let my opponent hammer me below 10 life while I kept getting more lands on the board, then came back, Ugin-ed it all away, and dealt 40+ damage. And then I’ve had other ones where I only won because I was willing to sacrifice every creature and planeswalker on my board while I waited for a chance to cast an Ultimatum.

Genesis MidrangeGenesis MidrangeGenesis Midrange

Genesis Midrange Rewards Patience And Timing

When deciding on opening hands, it’s best to think of it as a combo deck, and to mulligan if you don’t see 3+ lands and a way to ramp. The biggest weakness of the deck is counterspells and fast starts. If I made a sideboard for this, it would be to fight Dimir Rogues and the more low-cost Mono-Red builds. Aggro can’t win past an Ugin or a machine-gunning Terror, but if you can’t ramp to them fast enough, Robber of the Rich will tear you apart. With Rogues, however, being milled is usually not an issue, but because Vivian is our only anti-flier measure, they can just hammer the deck to death in the skies.

Throne of Eldraine

The Deck Has A Few Weaknesses To Plan Around

But neither matchup is just an instant loss. They can be beaten, even in Bof1. I don’t think there’s a matchup that is an instant loss, which I think is a good sign.

And I do recommend, no matter your skill level, that you try this deck. Even if you are not trying to get to Mythic, it’s just got an explosive quality to it. I can’t think of many things in Standard more satisfying than when you get to chain Ultimatums or deal 20 Terror damage out of nowhere. Most of the pieces will not rotate until September either, so it’s not a bad use of wildcards.

Just remember, if you do get to Mythic with Genesis Midrange, who helped you get there. Have fun!

Genesis MidrangeGenesis MidrangeGenesis Midrange

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