Australian Open prize money: How much will the winners make in 2021? Purse, breakdown for field

By | February 17, 2021

The Australian Open has been different in 2021 and that includes the prize money. While the overall prize pool has been increased by approximately $7 million, the amount the winners Down Under will snag has dropped.

In 2021, the total purse will be $61.95 million with the men’s and women’s singles champ taking home $2.13 million. Last year’s winners were awarded $3.12 million. 

Still a handy payday, but a significant haircut nonetheless.

Tournament director Craig Tiley says the more even distribution was to help offset the significant costs incurred by players coming to Australia amid a pandemic.

“We have significantly reduced the winners’ prize money cheques, but players like Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams all agreed with spreading the prize money more evenly, providing the up-and-coming players an opportunity to earn more because it has been a difficult year,” Tiley told The Hindu newspaper.

“We think it’s a great initiative and I have had zero pushback.”

What is the Australian Open purse for 2021?

The 2021 Australian Open purse is $61.95 million for the men’s and women’s tournaments. It’s an increase of $6,977,070 from last year’s purse.

How much money does the winner get?

The men’s and women’s singles champions will earn approximately $2.13 million each. Last year’s winners, Novak Djokovic and Sofia Kenin, won about $3.12 million.

The men’s and women’s doubles champions win $463,740, while the mixed doubles champions win $115,935.

Prize money breakdown for Australian Open 2021

The $2.13 million take-home by the winners is the lowest total at the Australian Open since 2014.

Men’s and women’s singles

Place Prize money
Winner $2.13 million
Runner-up $1.16 million
Semifinalists $656,854.50
Quarterfinalists $405,704.25
Round 4 $247,286.40
Round 3 $166,145.55
Round 2 $115,935
Round 1 $77,290
Round 3 qualifying $40,577.25
Round 2 qualifying $27,051.50
Round 1 qualifying $19,322.50

Men’s and women’s doubles

The doubles winners’ prize money has also taken a hit this year, though again, there’s an increase in pay for those going out in the early rounds.

Place Prize money
Winners $463,740
Runners-up $262,786
Semifinalists $115,458
Quarterfinalists $85,019
Round 3 $50,238.50
Round 2 $34,780.50
Round 1 $23,187

Mixed doubles

In 2020, the winning pair took home around $146,000 while the runner-up and semifinalists saw their payouts drop in 2021 as well. First-rounders through quarterfinalists stayed stagnant from year-to-year.

Place Prize money
Winners $115,935
Runners-up $65,696.50
Semifinalists $34,780.50
Quarterfinalists $18,549.60
Round 2 $9,274.80
Round 1 $4,830.62

The Australian Open is now in the top spot among the Grand Slams in terms of the total prize pool, though the changes in 2021 have seen the winners’ money drop to third.

Here’s how each major tournament breaks it down. 

All figures in USD.

French Open prize money

Total: $45.69 million

Winners: $1.9 million
Runners-Up: $967,993.49
Semi-finalist: $514,972.54
Quarter-finalist: $343,056.89
First-Round:  $72793.11

Wimbledon prize money

The Championships were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, but here are the 2019 figures.

Total: $51.88 million

Winners: $3.2 million
Runners-Up:  $1.6 million 
Semi-finalist:  $813,114.53
Quarter-finalist: $405,782.87
First-round:  $61,951.58

US Open prize money

Total: $53.4 million

Winners: $3 million
Runners-Up: $1.5 million
Semi-finalists:  $800,000
Quarter-finalists: $425,000
First-Round:  $61,000

Jackie Spiegel contributed to this article.