Mo Speights subtweets LeBron James after NBA Finals win, then turns account private

By | October 14, 2020

Mo Speights found himself in a bit of hot water on Twitter after taking a shot at LeBron James following the Lakers star’s latest NBA Finals championship.

Speights on Tuesday tweeted “Just the messenger…” accompanied by a side-by-side image of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan with the caption, “Back then, we used to celebrate threepeats. Now kids are out there celebrating four titles in 10 tries and call it greatness.”

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Not too long after, Speights backtracked on his original tweets, saying he meant no disrespect to James, who has played in nine of the last 10 NBA Finals (his first Finals berth came in 2007). He also earned his fourth NBA Finals MVP with his latest championship over the Heat.

Speights has since changed his Twitter account to private.

Speights’ tweet is humorous on several accounts, not least of which is that he joined the league in 2008, six years after Bryant’s threepeat (2000-02) and 10 years after Jordan’s second threepeat (1996-98).

Moreover: Speights is only a one-time NBA champion. He was a part of the Warriors’ 2014-15 team that beat James’ Cavaliers 4-2 in the Finals (a series in which he played three games and averaged 5.3 minutes, 3.0 points and 1.7 rebounds per game). He was also on the Warriors’ 2015-16 team that gave up a 3-1 Finals lead to James’ Cavs. In that series, he played four games, averaged 4.6 minutes, 1.5 points and 2.0 rebounds per game. He also took the last shot of the series:

Any way you look at it, it was a dumb tweet by Speights that came back to bite him in the butt.