Updated 2021 NFL Draft order: Jets out-tank Jaguars to keep edge in Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes

By | December 7, 2020

The Jets and Jaguars both made things interesting in Week 13, but at the end of the day, both lost and the 2021 NFL Draft order remained Jets No. 1, Jaguars No. 2.

First, it looked like New York would win, but then it allowed a last-second touchdown to Henry Ruggs III to put that thought to bed. Then it looked like Jacksonville would lose while the Jets were winning, which would’ve flipped their draft order. But despite a late touchdown pass from Mike Glennon, the Jags couldn’t pull it out in overtime, and they lost, too. So while much of the early-afternoon window Sunday looked like it could have huge implications in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes, it turned out that nothing really changed.

With four games to play for New York and Jacksonville, Lawrence’s final destination is still up in the air but looking more like it’ll be MetLife Stadium. The Jets play three times with above .500 records in their final four games, along with the Patriots, meaning they’ll likely be heavy underdogs in all four. Lawrence could wind up a Jet despite all that drama, and New York could have a Ruggs double-move TD to thank for it.

Below is the latest NFL Draft order for 2021, being updated as Week 13’s games finish this week (currently up-to-date following the Sunday night result).

Cowboys, Eagles opt for defense in top 10; 49ers, Steelers find QBs of future

NFL Draft order 2021

  1. New York Jets (0-12)
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-11)
  3. Cincinnati Bengals (2-9-1)
  4. Los Angeles Chargers (3-9)
  5. Dallas Cowboys (3-8)
  6. Philadelphia Eagles (3-8-1)
  7. Carolina Panthers (4-8)
  8. Atlanta Falcons (4-8)
  9. Miami Dolphins (via 4-8 Houston Texans)
  10. Denver Broncos (4-8)
  11. Washington Football Team (4-7)
  12. Detroit Lions (5-7)
  13. Chicago Bears (5-7)
  14. San Francisco 49ers (5-6)
  15. Arizona Cardinals (6-6)
  16. New England Patriots (6-6)
  17. Baltimore Ravens (6-5)
  18. Las Vegas Raiders (7-5)

(Picks 19-32 are held by teams currently in the NFL playoff picture .)

For the first time in a while, Sporting News put out a new mock draft this week, based on Week 12’s draft order. No. 1 hasn’t changed all year, with SN’s Vinnie Iyer aligning Lawrence with the Jets. Iyer also keeps Ohio State’s Fields at No. 2 to the Jaguars. 

There’s the potential for more quarterback intrigue as the top-10 goes on, though. For the first time, Iyer included BYU’s Zach Wilson in the first round, having the Panthers select him at No. 7 based on Week 12’s draft order. Then North Dakota State’s Trey Lance goes at No. 8 to the Washington Football Team.

Thanks to the presence of the Bengals (Burrow), Cowboys (Dak Prescott), Chargers (Justin Herbert), and Eagles (Carson Wentz/Jalen Hurts) near the top, the quarterbacks beyond Lawrence and Fields could slide into the back half of the top-10. Maybe more likely, though, would be a draft filled with trading up to get one of the highly regarded passers.