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SpaceX previews ruggedized Starlink dish for vehicles, ships, and aircraft

reader comments 47 with 29 posters participating Share this story SpaceX says that Starlink user terminals for moving vehicles will be ruggedized to withstand “harsh environments” with extreme levels of heat and cold. SpaceX has been seeking Federal Communications Commission permission to deploy terminals on moving vehicles since March and provided new details on its… Read More »

UK worries Starlink and OneWeb may interfere with each other, plans new rules

Enlarge / Artist’s impression of low-Earth-orbit satellites like those launched by SpaceX and OneWeb. reader comments 133 with 65 posters participating Share this story A UK government agency is worried that OneWeb, SpaceX’s Starlink, and similar low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite-broadband systems could block each others’ signals. Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, proposed new rules… Read More »

Starlink dishes go into “thermal shutdown” once they hit 122° Fahrenheit

Enlarge / Starlink satellite dish and equipment in the Idaho panhandle’s Coeur d’Alene National Forest. reader comments 215 with 121 posters participating Share this story A Starlink beta user in Arizona said he lost Internet service for over seven hours yesterday when the satellite dish overheated, demonstrating one of the drawbacks of SpaceX’s broadband service. When… Read More »

FCC lets SpaceX cut satellite altitude to improve Starlink speed and latency

Enlarge / A SpaceX Starlink user terminal/satellite dish. reader comments 196 with 99 posters participating Share this story SpaceX today was granted permission to use a lower orbit for Starlink satellites, as regulators agreed with SpaceX that the change will improve broadband speed and latency while making it easier to minimize orbital debris. In granting… Read More »

Dishy McFlatface to become “fully mobile,” allowing Starlink use away from home

Enlarge / A Starlink satellite dish in the Idaho panhandle’s Coeur d’Alene National Forest. reader comments 149 with 82 posters participating Share this story SpaceX CEO Elon Musk expects the Starlink satellite broadband service to be “fully mobile” later in 2021, allowing customers to use the satellite dishes away from home. “Yeah, should be fully… Read More »

SpaceX to keep Starlink pricing simple, exit beta when network is “reliable”

Enlarge / SpaceX Starlink logo. reader comments 47 with 36 posters participating Share this story The Starlink broadband network will probably stick with one price instead of offering different tiers of service, SpaceX president and COO Gwynne Shotwell said yesterday. “I don’t think we’re going to do tiered pricing to consumers. We’re going to try… Read More »

SpaceX plans Starlink broadband for cars, boats, and planes

Enlarge / Cars could eventually get satellite Internet from SpaceX Starlink. reader comments 52 with 29 posters participating Share this story SpaceX on Friday asked the Federal Communications Commission for permission to deploy Starlink satellite broadband to passenger cars and other moving vehicles. The application describes SpaceX’s plans for Earth Stations in Motion (ESIMs) for… Read More »

SpaceX Starlink factory in Texas will speed up production of Dishy McFlatface

Enlarge / The SpaceX Starlink satellite dish partway through a teardown. reader comments 31 with 26 posters participating Share this story SpaceX says it is building a factory in Austin, Texas, to design systems that will help make satellite dishes, Wi-Fi routers, and other equipment for its Starlink satellite broadband network. The news comes from… Read More »

Musk: Starlink will hit 300Mbps and expand to “most of Earth” this year

Enlarge / A stack of 60 Starlink satellites launched in 2019. reader comments 142 with 80 posters participating Share this story Starlink broadband speeds will double to 300Mbps “later this year,” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter yesterday. SpaceX has been telling users to expect speeds of 50Mbps to 150Mbps since the beta began… Read More »