The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 3 Recap: The Tyger and the Lamb

By | October 19, 2020

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 3 Recap: The Tyger and the Lamb

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 3 Recap: The Tyger and the Lamb

In the third episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond titled “The Tyger and the Lamb,” burdened by their pasts, members of the group adopt opposing strategies for dealing with a massive obstacle while pressure is put on the group to return home.

Past Mistakes

After a flashback reveals Silas was previously arrested for a violent incident — memories including bloody knuckles, an ambulance, and Silas hitting an unknown man along with earphones playing a birthday message from his grandparents when Silas turned six — Hope wakes up the group by radioing them over the walkie telling them she’s acting as the bait in Elton’s plan to sound the siren so they can get through the B.O.G. Iris begs her to come back, but Hope refuses, saying it has to be her.

We learn more about Silas’ background, including the day Felix welcomed him into the colony and that Silas’ uncle acted as his sponsor. Felix attempted to talk Silas into attending Monument High, but Silas chose to work in the physical plant with his uncle instead of going to school (though he still ends up at the school working as a janitor). Silas’ uncle says they’re grateful for the opportunity and that he’s a good kid.

Back in the present, Hope asks her sister to trust her and to go along with her plan. Hope shuts off her walkie and heads towards the siren. Iris, Elton, and Silas make their way towards an office at the front of the factory where Hope directed them to wait until she can set off the siren and they can make their escape to the exit. Elton sees Silas eyeing his weapon, a large wrench, and says he hopes they won’t have to kill, but if they do, is Silas up for it? Silas puts the wrench away and offers to carry Iris and Elton’s bags. He’s strong, and this will help them to move faster and makes it so they can kill the empties instead.

As they make their way through the smoke, Silas momentarily loses sight of Iris and Elton. When an empty attacks, he hallucinates it’s the man from his memories, and Silas grabs the large wrench, ready to attack. He then sees it’s just an empty as Iris and Elton come back for him. The three make their way into the office and begin looking for supplies while Hope continues on her mission to set off the sirens.


After Silas shares a memory of his mom, Iris asks if he misses her and he says no before changing his answer to “sometimes.” Iris tells him it’s okay if he’s scared of the empties, but Silas says the undead are not the ones he’s afraid of. Elton changes the conversation by asking Silas to help him open a door, only for them to find Felix and Huck on the other side. Felix is stunned that this plan to find Iris and Hope’s dad was Iris’ idea and reveals that someone has been leaving them breadcrumbs so Felix and Huck could find the kids. Iris doesn’t believe Hope would do that and also refuses to tell them where the siren is because she trusts Hope’s plan to get them out of the B.O.G. Elton quietly speaks with Silas, saying not to worry and that they can “still get out of this,” but Silas says it’s going to go “how it always goes.”

Another flashback sees Silas mopping in Leo’s lab and meeting Iris for the first time, who tells him that her father had left a week prior as part of the Alliance Science Exchange with the Civic Republic. She doesn’t know where he is or when he’ll be back and she misses him, and that “every family’s got something.” When she leaves, Iris drops a paper that Silas picks up. The paper contains a poem about a tiger (spelled tyger) and a lamb, along with drawings of the animals, that Silas keeps in his locker.

In the present, Silas reveals that Hope had led the treehouse empty away from the group in the night because mistakes shouldn’t have to follow you around, and Silas implies knowing what it feels like to have your mistakes follow you. He mentions that he thinks Hope feels guilty about something she’s done. Huck confronts Silas, asking if he’s out there to try to make up for his own mistakes and Silas leaves the room. Iris follows, and Silas tells her that he’s not strong, that what he’s done means he should never have come. Iris says her sister is going through something she doesn’t understand and that she doesn’t feel strong either, but she doesn’t care about Hope’s mistakes or Silas’ mistakes. Silas says she should care and tells Iris that he’s afraid of himself. Another flashback reminds Silas that there are people in the colony who think he’s a monster.

Haul Ass

On the roof, Hope radios Iris and tells her she found the siren but had to take it apart because the crank was broken. Felix gets on and demands to let them help her, but Hope doesn’t want to put them in more danger and reminds them to haul ass to the exit once she gets the siren working. Iris tells Hope she isn’t mad but she just needs her to get to the exit. Hope says if she doesn’t make it to not come back for her, but Iris refuses to accept that Hope won’t get to the exit and that they’ll talk about the rest later. As Elton finally begins to understand the terminology of “haul ass” much to Felix’s exasperation, the sisters say their “no goodbyes” and the group prepares to escape.

When Silas says he’s not sure he can do this, Elton and Iris both tell him that he can. After fixing the siren, Hope finally sounds it, drawing the attention of the empties and allowing the others to make a run for it. After drawing them away, Hope climbs down a ladder, injuring her ankle in the process but making her way to the exit while Felix and Huck protect the other kids as they make their escape. During the scramble, Silas recalls Iris’ poem while Hope lights another fire to draw more empties away.

Hope is soon attacked by two empties and saved by Iris who makes her first kill by taking out one of the undead. Iris returns the favor by killing the other one, and the two make their way back to the others. Elton runs up to help Iris get the slightly injured Hope to safety, and Silas looks at the three of them, essentially coming to terms with the fact that he has found friends that he cares about who care about him, too. When a fence begins to fall over near the exit thanks to a pile of tires, Silas drops the bags and holds up the fence, buying everyone enough time to get through. Elton grabs the bags (later revealing he has his mom’s unfinished manuscript) and everyone makes it to the other side as the fence falls along with the tires, acting as a barricade between them and the B.O.G. empties.

After making it through the smoke, the group heads to a lake to clean their clothes and take the time to eat and rest. Felix says they’ll have to head up to Omaha and resupply before they head back home on the next transfer to the University in two weeks so they can avoid The Blaze. Iris says she’s not going back and Silas has her back, saying he’s where he’s supposed to be and Elton says this is where he’s supposed to be, too. Hope tells Felix that if he wants to keep his promise to keep them safe then he’ll have to help them find their dad in New York. The kids make it clear that they’re going with or without them, and Huck tells Felix keeping them safe is all they can do. Felix inevitably agrees and later Hope apologizes to him for dragging him into this and stealing his and Will’s jackets, but she’s glad he’s there.

A Lie

When they get the chance to speak alone, Hope reveals the truth about how their mother died, saying it wasn’t empties, it was her. She says she scared the pregnant lady who then shot their mother and Hope in turn picked up the gun and it went off, killing the woman. Hope didn’t tell the truth for all of these years because she didn’t want it to change her sister, or change how Iris saw Hope. Iris is upset Hope didn’t tell her, but they were just kids. Hope apologizes and they both cry as Iris hugs her sister, saying they’ll get through this.

As the group hits the road, Felix and Huck leading the way, Silas listens to more sweet old messages from his grandparents before Iris walks up to bandage his hand that got cut during the escape. Silas then wraps his blanket around both of them as they continue walking together following the others.

Elsewhere, Sergeant Major Barca speaks with the Lieutenant Colonel and says he can’t get what they did out of his head. Elizabeth tells him to stand at attention and demands he says what they did out loud. “We neutralized the threat,” Barca responds before saying they didn’t seem like a threat. Elizabeth begins turning on a bunch of random stuff in her kitchen, saying they have energy, water, medicine, transport, the council, the courts, the schools, culture, currency, an economy, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. Elizabeth says they are the last light in the world, the last hope, and they enable the population of over 200,000 souls there to live to create the future. Elizabeth says they didn’t seem like a threat, but they were going to be. Barca says he doesn’t know if he believes that.

Elizabeth has two fully-armed soldiers come to take Barca away to the CRM Health and Welfare Complex until it’s deemed he can serve again in a labor-oriented capacity. Barca says he’ll never be ready to serve again. Elizabeth replies that he’ll never leave the Complex, then, and repeats that they are the light in the world when Barca brings up the people they killed. Barca calls it a lie that they are the light in the world as he is taken away. When she’s alone, Elizabeth begins to cry.

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