AC Valhalla: How to Defeat the Daughters of Lerion

By | November 23, 2020

See the list below for Daughter of Lerion locations, and the best tips to defeat them in battle.

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  • Location: Spalda Fens, Grantebridgescire. Seek out a large arena among the decaying swamps north of the Isle of Ely Monastery in northeastern Grantebridgescire to find a desecrated body laid out below a large dead tree.
  • Power Level: 90

Battle Tips and Strategies: Goneril is likely the first of the Daughters of Lerion you’ll meet in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. A group of deranged cultists who revel in death and decay, these women are powerful fighters with the ability to tap into the mystical arts to confuse and disorient their opponents.

Goneril attacks with twin blades at a frightening pace, and can frequently employ both strong and unblockable attacks if you aren’t paying attention. Despite the low relative power of the region, Goneril‘s power level is at 90, and can deal a massive amount of damage if you aren’t prepared. We recommend being at least level 50 if not higher, and configuring your skills to augment your chosen gear loadout – and picks skills like Brush with Death to gain openings when dodging attacks. Heavy Dual Wield will also let you combine longer reaching weapons with a shield for increased defense, which can be invaluable in this fight.


Goneril will employ unblockable strikes that will come from leaping slashes, giving you a small amount of time to dodge out of the way. She can also come at you with a heavy spinning strike with a second follow-up attack, or a forward jump thrust, which can be parried to stun her. If these attacks weren’t bad enough, she’ll constantly teleport in a flash of light around the arena to try and hit you when you least expect it.

Sometimes, she may even summon a phantom to leap at you with a spinning attack that can’t be blocked, so quickly dodge to the side to get around it and continue the attack.

Take note that after successfully parrying her to knock her off balance, she’ll always stumble backward before kneeling down for a moment. This is a prime opportunity to strike, but without a long reaching weapon you may not be able to counter quick enough to hit her – instead wasting valuable seconds chasing her to attack back.

Once you’ve dealt around half her health in damage, she’ll start summoning a green mist around her. Quickly back out of the circle before it explodes to get ready for the next phase.

At this point, she’ll start to summon more clouds of poisonous gas. You’ll have a brief moment to spot the circles where they’ll appear – so stay out of them at all times, or you’ll take increasing poison damage until death. Find the spots where the gas clouds abate and make your stand there instead.

Goneril will make even more use of teleporting attacks, as well as summoning her phantom, so make dodging your biggest priority (Brush with Death works extremely well for giving you time to counter). Don’t try to employ ranged attacks, as her weak point is on her back and very hard to see with all her teleporting. However, melee abilities can do wonders for pinning her down, such as the Valkyrie Dive that can track her close range teleports, or the Rush and Bash after a parry to pin her down and deal massive damage if you can time your hits.

The fight really comes down to reaction time, and getting ready to parry or dodge each time she teleports. Once you get the pattern down, finish the woman off for good to gain Thor’s Breeches, and Goneril’s Dagger – which appears to be more of a key than a weapon.

  • Location: Walsham Crag, East Anglia. Search for a sunken arena near the northern coast of East Anglia, not far west of the Forward Camp you will ride to during East Anglia’s questline, and far to the East of the town of Elmenham. Here you will find a pit of death and decay- and a desecrated body laid out below the rocks..
  • Power Level: 160

Combat Tips and Strategies: Like Goneril, Regan will attack with twin blades at a frightening pace. She’ll utilize strong spinning strikes and an unblockable leaping two-handed strike – but will always be accompanied by a delayed mirror image that can also hurt you.

Note that Regan is very powerful, even for East Anglia’s overall power, and clocks in at level 160. You’ll want to be at least well over 100-120 in power yourself before attempting this fight, and consider changing your skills to boost your 1v1 combat.

Each time she jumps, avoid her at all costs. It can be difficult to tell which strikes are unblockable as opposed to heavy due to the inner light that comes from her, so watch for the flash of runic symbols to know when to get out of the way.

If you see her kneel down, back away and prepare to dodge to the side when she suddenly does a teleporting unblockable charge attack, and wait until the shade also strikes (which will delay to charge your new position) to get back at her.

However, one of Regan’s most deadly moves is her ability to parry. She’ll often do this after you get a few hits in depending on the type of weapon, so you’ll never want to press the attack beyond a couple strong hits, and back away if you see her raise one of her swords next to her face – or use an unblockable ability like the Dive of the Valkyrie.

We highly recommend investing in the Brush With Death skill for this battle – as a well timed dodge will not only slow her down, but her shade as well, giving you the chance to strike more times before the shade can reach you, and before she recovers enough to block. When paired with fast weapons like twin daggers, you can inflict massive damage between perfectly timed dodges!

Parrying her, on the other hand, can help you score a few decisive hits, as it will also banish the shade from hitting you. However, like Gonreil, she’ll stumble backwards after a parry, so you may need to dash forward to make sure your hits connect and you don’t lose stamina needlessly.

When she falls to half her health, Regan will draw power around her, prompting you to leave the circle before an explosion.

She’ll enhance her abilities at this point with even more combo jump slashes and teleports, and backpedaling may be a good strategy to wait until she wears herself out.

She’ll also begin to create trails of fire behind her as she moves, which can be an extreme hassle to deal with. Consider equipping runes with fire resistance if you get close, or even taking out your bow while she charges up her dashing attack to keep away from the flames. Just be warned, as she can also perform a leaping unblockable grab from a good distance away that will likely kill you.

Take this fight slowly and make the most of of any openings you get while watching closely for her parrying stance. Remember to account for the delayed hits from the shade and dodge around it as needed until you can finally bring the second witch down for good. You’ll gain Thor’s Battle Plate, and Regan’s Dagger – a second key-like weapon you’ll need to use later.

  • Location: Berkelow Bog, East Anglia – On the southwest corner of East Anglia, head due west from the town of Grantebridge to find an arena festering with decay and strange ritual symbols, and you’ll find another corpse strung up here to investigate.

Combat Tips and Strategies: As with her sisters, Cordelia attacks with dual swords that can move fast and deal a ton of damage, whether light, heavy, or unblockable attack. Her power level is clocked in at 340, and can be extremely challenging no matter what your own level is. That said, it is possible to beat her at an earlier level (we’ve even done it at 120), but you likely won’t be able to withstand more than 1 or 2 direct attacks – so be warned.

You’ll want to have as many skills that benefit 1v1 fights as you can: Brush with Death is absolutely crucial, and Parry Damage and Adrenaline Fiend can help boost your damage. Last Chance Healing can help you survive in dire straits, and Grit can also be essential for getting back lost health, as there are only a few mushroom patches in this arena to use.

Cordelia will employ a mix of heavy and unblockable attacks that should hopefully be a bit familiar at this point, but can also quickly lash out with a light attack combo that can still hit hard, so never get too close when waiting to dodge or parry her next move. As with Regan, Cordelia can also parry if you attack too much, so watch her stance when you move in for an attack – preferably after you stagger her with a parry, or perform a perfect dodge to slow time thanks to Brush with Death. Stick with fast weapons like daggers and spears, but you may also want to consider a shield as well to help block her quick moves if parrying becomes difficult.

In particular, watch out for her leaping unblockable strikes, and be ready for the spinning or uppercut heavy hits that you can parry – some that come with a delayed second hit. Even a short quick light combo can sometimes follow up with a strong attack – or she may teleport behind you to wind up another big hit you’ll need to be ready to react to.

The most dangerous move in her arsenal by far is summoning her phantoms. Unlike Regan and Goneril, she will teleport some distance away and prepare to summon the shades. These will rapidly dash at you with almost no time to react, and even dodge rolling to the side may not save you all 3 phantoms. As they deal incredible damage, and can’t be blocked, they can easily kill you if you don’t react quick enough.

The trick here is to shut her down before she can begin to summon them. This means you’ll need to unleash an ability as soon as she teleports – preferably a move like Harpoon Impalement. This will stagger Cordelia before she can summon them, and you can yank her towards you to close the distance rapidly. Other moves like Dive of the Valkyries can also let you jump over the phantoms if you are close enough – but it needs to be an ability that will knock her off balance.

At around half her health, Cordelia will draw in power like her sisters before exploding the arena with electricity. As you might expect, the second half will be even tougher, but there is a way to deal with this new element.

Cordelia will now teleport to a corner of the arena and begin summoning a hail of thunderbolts to strike the ground at random spots, with a few chasing your latest location. As long as you keep moving and strafe around them, you can outpace them – and try to close the distance to hit her once to knock her out of her lightning phase. However, she’ll often drop into a parry stance right afterwards, so just hit her once and then back off.

While you can also shoot her from afar with arrows before she starts parrying them, you can also get in a free stun attack if you utilize the Focus of the Nornir to slow time. Use it right after you parry an attack and stagger Cordelia, dash behind her and shoot her in the back and it will clear her entire stun meter – though this only works once.

This fight may require a lot of patience, preparation, and practice. Be sure your weapons and armor are upgraded as much as you can, and increase your power to acquire more skills that may help you in this fight. If you seem to be unable to make any headway, try experimenting with different weapon or shield combinations, or abilities that may aid you better.

Upon defeating the last of the Daughters of Lerion, you’ll be awarded with Thor’s Gauntlets, and the final key – Cordelia’s Dagger. A final reward will now be open to you – if you can find it.

Final Reward – The Lerion Estate

After you have all three daggers, you can now unlock the Secret of the Lerion Estate.

It is located on the southeastern side of East Anglia, South across the river from Burgh Castle. Here you can find the ruined remains of an estate covered in cultish symbols, as well as an abandoned chapel with a crypt next door taking you deep under the haunted grounds.

Be sure to read the notes you can come across to learn more about Lerion’s story, and continue up and down the twisting caverns until you reach a fork. The path left takes you to a crack in the wall leading up to the estate itself, while the path right leads to a grotto with a giant eerie statue holding a sword, kneeling away from you.

In its back are three slots – and you can interact with the back of the statue to “stab” it with the three dagger keys you got from the daughters. With all three daggers inserted, the statue will collapse in a shower of mud and bones, revealing a path even deeper below ground.

Here you will find the treasure hoard of Lerion, including a few small chests of wealth, several containers, and a large chest holding Thor’s Helmet, a mighty prize – giving you 4 of the 5 set pieces!