How to Catch Bunger in Bugsnax

By | November 23, 2020

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This portion of the guide explains everything you need to know about Bunger including Bunger’s scan data; Bunger’s type; Bunger’s loves, hates, and fears; Bunger’s location; and tips for how to catch Bunger.

About Bunger

  • Availability: All Day
  • Scan Data: This Bugsnak knocks away traps. It also tackles anything covered in ketchup.
  • Loves: Ketchup, Cheese
  • Type: Meaty, Aggressive

Bunger Location – Where to Catch Bunger

Bunger is catchable at any time in Garden Grove. It can be found walking near the river that runs through the lower area.

How to Catch Bunger

  • Bunger can be caught using the Bug Net.
  • To catch Bunger you need to have it run into another Bunger. This can be done by covering one Bunger with either ketchup or mustard using your Sauce Slinger and luring the other Bunger over to it.
  • The Bunger will charge towards the other Bunger, knocking it over and stunning it. Use your net to capture.