Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 6 Best Abilities to Find and Unlock

By | December 5, 2020

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Listed below are the six best range and melee abilities that we have encountered so far in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The Best Ranged Abilities

With the ability to hold and mark several enemies at once, the Mark of Death is by far one of the best range based abilities that game has to offer.

When combined with the second upgrade, the Mark of Death can absolutely shred through enemies with its powerful volley of arrows, especially when targeting those unsuspecting enemies from afar.

So if you’re looking for something that offers both an element of stealth and a ton of power, look no further than the Mark of Death as we guarantee that the ability is definitely worth the effort to obtain.

During our playthrough, we found that pairing the Mark of Death with the Petra’s Arc or Arc of Elan was one of the best combinations, as when upgraded, these Bows are not to be messed with. When combined with even more power and a volley attack, you can only how how well these bows perform.


Mark of Death Upgrades:

  • Upgrade One:
    • Hold RT (R2) then scroll your reticle to mark selected enemies. Release to let fly a deadly volley of arrows.
  • Upgrade Two:
    • Increase maximum number of targets.

How to Find the Mark of Death

The Focus of the Nornir ability allows you to slow down time while using a bow, making it the perfect opportunity to fire off a large amount of headshots with ease.

When upgraded to the second tier, the Focus of the Nornir ability is nearly unstoppable as each enemy that you kill will increase your overall damage dealt.

As we mentioned in our last entry, both the Petra’s Arc and Arc of Elan were fantastic Bows to pair with the Focus of the Nornir, as they have some of the highest damage outputs when compared to other Bows in the game.

Focus of the Nornir Upgrades:

  • Upgrade One:
    • Use the power of the Nornir to aim and shoot your enemies with fateful speed.
  • Upgrade Two:
    • Each killed enemy increases damage dealt.

How to Find the Focus of the Nornir

When it comes to abilities it’s hard to argue against the Incendiary Powder Trap, as the ranged based ability offers one of the most versatile and all-rounded experiences.

Not only can the ability be used to surprise clueless enemies with it’s stealthy pouch of volatile powder, but it can also be used to destroy walls in order to find wealth points, gear, and even objectives.

So if you’re in the market for a new range ability, say goodbye to those pesky explosive barrels as the all-rounder Incendiary Power Trap is in our eyes, one of the best abilities you can add to your arsenal.

Incendiary Powder Trap Upgrades:

  • Upgrade One:
    • Attaches a small pouch to your arrow that spreads a volatile powder wherever the arrow strikes. Any nearby movement causes the powder to burst into flames. Surprise clueless passersby!
  • Upgrade Two:
    • The powder can be detonated a second time.

How to Find the Incendiary Powder Trap

  • Book of Knowledge Rank 1 Location:
  • Book of Knowledge Rank 2 Location:
    • Briggworth, Suthsexe (England).

The Best Melee Abilities

There’s nothing more satisfying than charging your enemies into oblivion, especially as you send them flying off of cliffs and ledges.

The Rush & Bash ability isn’t all fun and games though, as when upgraded to the second tier, slamming enemies into nearby walls will often see enemies instantly killed rather than just stunned.

This is due to the abilities second upgrade, as it allows Eivor to take full advantage of stunned enemies and perform an extra punishing attack, that in most cases, will finish an enemy.

To take full advantage of the Rush and Bash ability, you will want to pair it with a high Stun loadout. One of our go-to stun based combinations was the Sarcophagus Shield with either the Varin’s Axe or the Blacksmith’s Hammer as their Stun output are some of the highest in the game. While that may be our favorite combinations, be sure to check out the 12 Best Weapons Guide to find even more options.

So if you’re looking for something that’s not only fun but also satisfying to use, definitely consider trying out the Rush & Bash ability.

Rush & Bash Upgrades:

  • Upgrade One:
    • Hold RT (R2) to bash continuously. While rushing, make contact with any enemy to grab and pick them up. Throw enemies you’ve grabbed off ledges or slam them into walls for extra damage
  • Upgrade Two:
    • Eivor takes advantage of enemies stunned from a wall slam to finish with an extra punishing attack.

How to Find Rush & Bash

  • Book of Knowledge Rank 1 Location:
    • Ravensburg, Grantesbridgescire (England)
  • Book of Knowledge Rank 2 Location:
    • Dunwic, in East Anglia.

The Harpoon Impalement ability can really pack a punch, especially when fully upgraded.

With the ability set to pull and throw enemies in any direction after impaling them with your harpoon, simply sit back and watch as enemies take bulk damage as you drag them into objects and other enemies.

The Harpoon Impalement ability is without a doubt our favorite go-to melee ability. With qualities similar to Rush & Bash, the Harpoon Impalement simply feels like a much more refined version of an already powerful ability.

If you are yet to try the Harpoon Impalement ability, definitely try seeking it out!

Harpoon Impalement Upgrades:

  • Upgrade One:
    • Impale an enemy with your harpoon and throw them in any direction. Enemies who strike objects or other enemies will suffer massive damage
  • Upgrade Two:
    • Eivor can finish by pulling the enemy close and killing them with style!

How to Find the Harpoon Impalement

  • Book of Knowledge Rank 1 Location:
    • Venonis, Ledecestriscire (England).
  • Book of Knowledge Rank 2 Location:
    • Santa Helena‚Äôs church, in the town of Colcestre in Essexe.

Fire Strike Upgrades:

While igniting your weapon is definitely cool, it is the Fire Strike’s second upgrade that really sees this particular ability shine, as your weapon will not only ignite in flames, but it will see fire blaze in an arc in front of you, making any enemies in close proximities heavily susceptible to catching on fire instantly.

We found the Fire Strike ability worked fantastic with a strong dual Dagger loadout, as it allows you to take full advantage of the ability’s second upgrade, as the dual Daggers force you to fight primarily in close combat.

When it comes to pairing Daggers, we found the Yngling Seax went well with either the Suttungr’s Claw or the Kopis Dagger, as both weapons are nearly equal in speed and offer the following perks:

  • Suttungr’s Claw: Increase Critical Damage after each hit.
  • Kopis: Restore a low amount of Health for each Critical Hit.

Despite there being more powerful options on offer, those that select the Fire Strike ability will still heavily benefit from the passive fire damage that is dealt on every hit, which will definitely add up over time.

  • Upgrade One:
    • Applies fire to your right-hand melee weapon. Enemies that catch fire will suffer additional damage over time.
  • Upgrade Two:
    • The fire blazes in an arc in front of you, instantly setting enemies caught in the arc ablaze.

How to Find Fire Strike

  • Book of Knowledge Rank 1 Location:
    • By defeating the Order of the Ancients members and bringing the medallions to Hytham in your settlement.
  • Book of Knowledge Rank 2 Location:
    • By defeating the Order of the Ancients members and bringing the medallions to Hytham in your settlement.
In order to find the Fire Strike, check out our complete Fire Strike Walkthrough here.