Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The 12 Best Weapons to Find and Use

By | December 25, 2020

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Listed below are the 12 best weapons that you should consider using in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Before reading on, please note that the following weapons are a matter of personal opinion and are listed in no particular order as each weapon brings their own unique qualities that are entirely dependent on your own playstyle.

Varin’s Axe

Sometimes, nothing simply beats the original. While it may be your starting weapon, you would be surprised at just how powerful Eivor’s father’s Axe can be when upgraded.

As you can see above, when upgraded to Mythical status the Varin’s Axe can hold its own against many of the mid to late game weapons.

One major factor that may play a part in your decision to stick with the Varin’s Axe is the fact that switching and upgrading weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla isn’t exactly easy, as you’ll quickly learn that materials to upgrade weapons aren’t super abundant, so unless you’re doing a ton of wealth locations you may find it hard to upgrade a variety of weapons.


With that being said, if you’re happy to stick with just one main weapon for the first half of the game, definitely consider upgrading the Varin’s Axe.

Depending on your playstyle, we paired the Varin’s Axe with the Sarcophagus Shield, as it allows you to block any attacks you fail to parry, while still remaining fast as the Varin’s Axe increases your speed after each hit for up to 10 times.

Looking for something that provides fast, swift attacks? Well look no further than the Yngling Seax, as this dagger is a must for anyone running a more aggressive playstyle.

With the ability to launch fast, quick hit and run attacks, this short range dagger is perfect for taking on multiple enemies at once.

Despite having already impressive mobility, when coupled with the Brush With Death skill (Raven), you’ll be nearly impossible to hit once you have perfected your dodges, as your heightened senses will make others around you move slower for a short time period.

While this Perk is active, simply sit back and watch as you absolutely annihilate most of the enemies encounter, as you’ll receive an added bonus of increased melee damage thanks to the Yngling Seax‘s Perk that sees all damage after a dodge increased for 2.5s.

When it comes to pairing the Yngling Seax, we found that either a Suttungr’s Claw or Kopis Dagger worked a treat, as both weapons are nearly equal in speed and offer the following perks:

  • Suttungr’s Claw: Increase Critical Damage after each hit.
  • Kopis: Restore a low amount of Health for each Critical Hit.

If you’re worried about taking damage due to the short range of the dagger, definitely opt for the Kopis. Otherwise, when combined with the Suttungr’s Claw, you’ll be able to output even more damage.

If you’re looking for a beast of a shield of a shield that can hold its own against some of the games toughest enemies, look no further than the Sarcophagus Shield.

Located in the Dhustone Quarry of the Sciropescire region, the Sarcophagus Shield is among one of our favorite go-to shields to use. With impressive stats across both Attack, Block, and Stun, it will be challenging for enemies for hit through the shield or even knock you down when using it to block.

Additionally, when parrying you will have a 33% chance to create a small fire around you. This acts acts as a great passive form of damage.

While the Plank and Buckler Shield appears to look much like any other Heavy Shield, it is the strong Stun abilities and unique Perk that we are mainly after.

Despite sharing similar stats with the Sarcophagus Shield, the Plank and Buckler Shield‘s Perk offers the ability to Increase Heavy Damage when parrying. This can make for a very powerful combination when pairing the shield with a weapon that deals consistent Heavy damage such as the Blacksmith’s Hammer – which we will explain in more detail in the section below.

When it comes to reliable, heavy hitters the Blacksmith’s Hammer will not let you down, as its impressive Stun and Attack stats can deal some significant damage.

As we mentioned in the section above, the Blacksmith’s Hammer pairs very well with the Plank and Buckler Heavy Shield.

When combining the shield’s Perk of Increased Heavy Damage when Parrying and the Blacksmiths Hammer’s ability to have Heavy Critical Hits Knock enemies on the ground, it’s hard not to imagine the powerful combinations on offer. Such a combination could play out as parrying an attack and following it through with an even heavier attack that will send your enemies flying backwards.

Top this build off with the Stomp Skill and you’ll have the opportunity to Stomp some faces in almost every battle situation.

When it comes to big, heavy, two-handed axes, there’s no looking past the Sepulcher Axe.

Despite a lack of speed, this heavy axe can pack quite the punch, especially when taking into consideration the weapons Stun and Critical Chance stats.

While you will need to keep this weapon upgraded as you progress throughout the game to keep it relevant with other weapons, it is still highly recommended to run the Sepulcher Axe through to the mid game – at the very least.

With only a 10 second cooldown on the ability that ignites the weapon on fire after critical hits, it’s definitely worth giving the Sepulcher Axe a chance if you haven’t already.

Blodwulf Shield

When it comes to shields, it’s hard to argue against the Blodwulf, as the lightweight shield has just too many positives to pass up on.

So what makes this early game shield so enticing? Well apart from the fact that it makes you look like a complete badass, it is the Blodwulf’s unique ability to ignite your weapon when parrying that makes it a real treat to use. Now, despite the word “chance” being listed in the description, believe us when we say that your weapon will ignite much more frequently than you would expect.

When paired with decent overall stats and a primary weapon such as the Varin’s Axe or the Blacksmith’s Hammer, it’s hard to look past such a combination.

If you still aren’t entirely sold, it may be worth mentioning that the Blodwulf Shield is one of those early game weapons that can be completely upgraded without the fear of finding something better down the track.

As the name suggests, the Spinning-Death Flail is arguably one the most satisfying weapons we have had the chance to use so far in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Despite its visual appeal, the Spinning-Death flail can really pack a punch, especially should a Fire Bomb drop when performing a successful Heavy Finisher Hit.

To further our claim of the weapon’s greatness, the Spinning-Death Flail also has surprising low weight, which allows you to dodge and evade any incoming attacks quite easily. You will even notice that enemies will more often than not struggle to dodge your attacks as the AoE on the Flail is considerably large.

Next up we have the Fafnir’s Fang, a trusty early game spear that can pack some damage when fully upgraded. While admittedly against spear to begin with, the Fafnir’s Fang really started to grown on us when it was combined with a pretty nutty combination that will likely surprise many players.

As crazy as it may sound, running dual-wielded Spears is actually a thing – a really good thing at that. When pairing the Fafnir’s Fang with the Fyrd Spear you are able increase both your speed while dodging and the Critical Chance when surrounded by up to five enemies.

With impressive speeds and a distance that leaves you rarely taking damage, the dual spear set up almost feels like running two large daggers.

Petra’s Arc

It’s no secret that Bows don’t exactly hold up all that well against the melee weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but thankfully you aren’t put in a position where you will have to choose between the two weapon types as your Bow will always be with you.

While there are plenty of bows to choose from, we found the Petra’s Arc to be one of the most useful, due to its unique weapon Perk that increases Critical Damage when full Health, making it our go to weapon for any stealth situations.

When combined with the Wolf skill that allows you to manually control your arrows, it’s hard to pass up the Petra’s Arc, especially when faced with situation that you would much rather deal with from afar.

Gungnir – Odin’s Spear

As we mentioned earlier in the list, Spears are heavily underrated, but hopefully Odin’s Spear can change the mind of those that have yet to give spears a real chance.

What makes Odin’s Spear, Gungnir, so powerful is the sheer reach advantage as the weapon’s unique Perk extends the Spear’s reach by a force field. This means that Odin’s Spear has the longest reach in the game and has a massive AoE.

When pairing Odin’s Spear with an off-hand weapon, you essentially have two possible combinations:

  • A Defensive build that runs a powerful shield combination (see above).
  • An Offensive build that runs an off-hand Spear, Dagger, or even a Greatsword.

The build that you choose to run with Odin’s Spear is entirely up to you, but I think we can all agreed that no matter what you pick, the combination is going to destroy anything that crosses its path.

Unfortunately though, much like Excalibur many players will only unlock these weapons towards their end-game, which really limits their time with these fun and exceptionally powerful god weapons.

So if you have the chance, definitely pick up the Gungnir spear and the Excalibur sword as soon as you can.

That’s right, the famous Excalibur sword makes an appearance in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and it’s just as powerful as you can imagine.

With the Attack, Stun, and Critical Chances stats sitting at insane levels, the Excalibur is something to be feared.

Just when you thought the Greatsword couldn’t be any more stronger, Excalibur’s weapon Perk is arguably the most powerful in the game as Heavy Finishers & Criticals will blind all enemies around you.

In order you find Excalibur, you will need to collect a total of 8 Tablets that have been scattered across the map, along with defeating the 3 Zealot members: Woden, Heike, and Hrothgar.