Astro’s Playroom Includes Four Worlds, Online Ranking, PlayStation Tributes and More

By | October 7, 2020

Astro’s Playroom will include multiple worlds, online ranking, and more.Astro’s Playroom was announced back in June as a title from Team Asobi that comes pre-loaded on every PlayStation 5, essentially making it a launch title for all PS5 owners. Details about the game have continued to trickle out as the console nears its release date next month. The latest details about the game come from Japanese game site and magazine, Famitsu.

Astro’s Playroom PlayStation 5 Screenshots

The creative director and producer of Team Asobi, Nicolas Doucet, told Famitsu, as translated by IGN, that Astro’s Playroom will include four worlds, four to five hours of playtime, a bunch of collectibles and PlayStation tributes, and more. As pointed out by Nibel on Twitter, the four worlds are reportedly called Cooling Resort, GPU Jungle, SSD Speedway, and Memory Sky. These stage names may be different in the English version of the game though.

As far as how much game time players can expect in Astro’s Playroom, Doucet told Famitsu that there’s about four to five hours of playtime within and that the game is filled with collectibles to find and PlayStation tributes to see. It’s unclear if the four to five hours of playtime is referring to simply completing the game’s main missions or if it also includes finding every collectible.

Beyond the four worlds in Astro’s Playroom, Doucet said there is a time attack mode and an online ranking system. There aren’t many details about this time attack mode but considering it’s an Astro Bot game, it could be similar to Astro Bot: Rescue Mission’s challenges that featured time limits. The online ranking system might be a way for players to race against other player times in time attack mode.

For more about Astro’s Playroom, read about how the PS5 DualSense controller was developed with help from Astro’s Playroom and then check out the game’s reveal trailer from June. There’s also a video showcasing three minutes of DualSense hands-on gameplay with Astro’s Playroom that you can watch as well.

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