Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: Life Path Choices Explained

By | December 9, 2020

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You cannot change your life path unless you start a new game, so choose carefully!

What Your Life Path Changes

Your life path choice isn’t a frivolous element in the game. On the contrary, it can affects your social status and therefore how your story can unfold in a variety of ways:

  • Starting destination
  • The Prologue
  • Prologue length
  • Dialogue options
  • Starting clothes
  • Characters they meet
  • Ending

What Your Life Path Doesn’t Change

That said, your life path won’t give you any direct advantages in the following areas:

  • Perks
  • Leveling
  • Attributes
  • Romance options

Life Path Choices Explained

There are three Life Paths to pick from: Nomad, Street Kid, or Corporate (aka Corpo).


Each Life Path has exclusive missions, and every now and then you’ll see options for V to refer to their Life Path in a conversation. While this is generally inconsequential, it is only something you can experience while on different life paths.

Your choice doesn’t give you any Attribute or Perk advantages, but some characters you’ll meet will have different things to say to V depending on your Life Path. For instance, if you meet another Nomad, V can refer to their time as a Nomad and that can spark more conversation. Some characters will refer to V’s origins too.

The Life Path also determines V’s starting clothes, but you can change those fairly quickly. Read on for more background on each Life Path.

The Nomad Life Path is one that revolves around a story of an outsider. Starting their journey in the vast desert-like district outside of Night City called “The Badlands”, Nomads are scrappy and resourceful people who pride themselves in their strong family dynamics, forming clans that function similarly to small communities. Inside of Night City, Nomads have bad reputations, especially with the corporate elite and police, and are treated very much like outcasts.

Since they reside in the outskirts, Nomads are savvy in the business of acquiring and transporting stolen corporate goods and turning them for a profit. This knowledge can help them.

  • Nomad Backstory: V is an outsider from The Badlands looking for a new life in Night City.
  • Nomad Starting Destination: The Badlands
  • Nomad Starting Mission: The Nomad

Nomad Side Missions

Coming soon!

The Street Kid Life Path is one of someone who’s no stranger to the streets of Night City. Their journey begins in Heywood, a large district that borders the corporate landscape of the City Center and is home to the majority of the people of Night City. Having lived a life in the streets fighting off “badges” and navigating around gangs, Street Kids have a wealth of knowledge about the city, knowing every street and just about everyone who lives there. Their street smarts and and their connections with the people who live there can help them.

  • Street Kid Backstory: V is from the streets of Night City where gangs and violence are rampant and they are looking for a come-up.
  • Street Kid Starting Destination: Heywood
  • Street Kid Starting Mission: The Street Kid

Street Kid Side Missions

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The Corpo Life Path, as you might assume from the name, is all about holding one’s own while navigating around people consumed with money, power, and respect. Corpos begin their adventure in the heart of the Night City business district, also known as the City Center, surrounded with sleek and towering skyscrapers with boardrooms of executives shaking hands on underhanded deals. Since Corpos are acquainted with the one percent’s lifestyle, they have a knack for dealing with people from the upper echelon and this knowledge can help them.

  • Corpo Backstory: V is living in Night City acting as an agent for the elite of a mega corporation.
  • Corpo Starting Destination: The City Center
  • Corpo Starting Mission: The Corpo

Corpo Side Missions

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