Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get a Permanent Ripperdoc Discount

By | December 16, 2020

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There are many Ripperdocs that live all over Night City that can install various expensive cyberware – but only one of them has something to hide, and will do anything to avoid getting caught.

One of the Ripperdocs in Watson is located just north of the Kabuki Plaza, and his name is Charles Bucks. When you first enter his shop and browse his selection, V can ask where he’s gotten such good expensive items, and Charles will nervously say that his supplies like to remain anonymous.

After Act 2 begins, return to the shop and start snooping around. There’s a locked door in his shop that can be hacked to remotely open.

If your Intelligence is too low, you can also head around to the other side of the large building to find a loading dock – where the local Fixer should also tell you about a nearby gig to find a laptop from a missing person named Alois.

From the loading dock you should be able to head through one of the open doors or windows on the second floor, and inside you’ll find a bunch of Scavs.

Kill them all and head down into the basement to find a connecting room back to the Ripperdoc, where the Scavs harvest bodies and give the cyberware to Charles. To get even more confirmation, look for an open laptop near the operating table to find a message from Charles himself.

After you’ve killed the Scavs, return to Charles and he’ll get incredibly nervous, and you can tell him what you found in the basement. When he tries to plead his innocence, let him know you found his emails, and he’ll beg for you to look the other way – offering to make it worth your while.


Should you choose to accept this obvious bribe, you’ll gain a 20% discount on all the cyberware he sells. This can be a huge cost-saving boon for you if you really want to install more cyberware, as he sells many items that other Ripperdocs also sell – only his will be much cheaper – including the different arm enhancements.

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