Cyberpunk: Tips for Defeating Razor Hugh in the Final Beat on the Brat Fight

By | January 2, 2021

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This is IGN’s Cyberpunk 2077 walkthrough for Beat on the Brat, one of many Watson Side Jobs. Continue reading below for our Tips and Tricks on how to finish this mission without too much trouble.

Beat on the Brat – Side Job Details
Rewards 3480 eddies, +1045 Experience, +2350 Street Cred
Location Starts in Little China, Watson
Nearest Fast Travel Point: Megabuilding H10 Atrium

Beat on the Brat Walkthrough

When you leave V’s apartment in Night City for the first time, you’ll likely run into Coach Fred starting this chain of side jobs. These missions revolve around boxing fights where you’ll need to fight with only your hands around Night City. There are four that you’ll need to complete before reaching the final boss, with one optional one in Pacifica. Every mission is listed below with the final one explained further down.

Final Beat on the Brat Fight: Razor Hugh

Once you’ve finished Beat on the Brat in Kabuki, Arroyo, Rancho Coronado, and The Glen, you’ll get a text from Coach Fred. He’ll mention setting up a final fight with Razor Hugh, who you may have seen on posters throughout Cyberpunk 2077. This fight takes place in a small boxing ring in Pacifica. When you arrive at the arena, you may notice every boxer you’ve beaten here as well as Viktor the Ripperdoc. You can talk to them for some optional dialogue.

Before starting your fight, you can speak to Coach Fred about throwing the fight for some extra money. This also triggers a random conversation with a kid nearby saying their Dad got messed up by Razor Hugh early on in his career. Throwing the fight seems to give extra money, but less street cred if you win.

Fighting Razor Hugh is extremely difficult, similarly to other fights, but primarily because of his health. You’ll still need to worry about one to three hits taking you out similar to other Beat on the Brat side jobs. Here are some tips and exploits on how to beat Razor Hughs.


Tips and Tricks

  • Viktor recommends punching Hugh in the gut, this may help with staggering him.
  • Buy gorilla hands cyberware to get a stronger punch against Hugh.
  • Parrying seems to vary on whether it works well for people.
  • Investing skill points into Body makes a massive difference, especially Rush under the Street Brawler tree. Your fists count as a Blunt Weapon, which means you’ll recover 3% health on successful hits.
  • Eat consumables in your backpack once you sit down and start talking to Viktor. They won’t stack, but you can eat a few to get minor buffs like extra health and stamina.


  • You can drop a weapon in the ring before the fight starts and then pick it up when it does. This makes it so you can attack with more damage as well as a stronger block.
  • It’s possible to get Hugh stuck on the outside of the ring if you keep pushing him back behind either of the starting chairs. This will trigger a bugged phase where he keeps taunting you and doesn’t move or attack. (shown in the above screenshot)

Once your fight ends with Razor Hugh, Beat on the Brat is complete. If you manage to beat him, you’ll get your reward shortly after he finishes speaking. He’ll wander off to the side on a phone call about all his upcoming opponents backing out of their fights. Also, you can talk to every character near the arena again for optional dialogue.

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