Deal Alert: The PS5 DualSense Controller Is Back Down to $49

By | December 22, 2022

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller has dropped back down to the same price we saw on Black Friday. You can get several different colors for only $49 each, a hefty price drop from its $70-$75 MSRP. Note that none of these controllers are likely to arrive before Christmas. Most of the colors have a ship date that’s been extended out to early January.

Sony PS5 DualSense Controller for $49

The new PS5 DualSense is one of the most advanced controllers on the market. Once you’ve held and tested out this controller, you’ll begin to see why it commands such a premium price (although it’s still competitive with the price of official Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch controllers). The DualSense features haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone and speaker, integrated touchpad, internal gyroscope and accelerometer for motion sensing, USB Type-C charging, and native compatibility with Windows (with either the cable or wirelessly over Bluetooth). This is inarguably the best controller for the PS5 at this price.

Better Than Black Friday: Crucial P5 Plus 2TB M.2 PS5-Compatible SSD for $149.99

Crucial P5 Plus 2TB PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD (up to 6600Mbps)

Crucial P5 Plus 2TB PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD (up to 6600Mbps)

53% off $319.99

Crucial’s newest M.2 SSD meets all the requirements for your PS5 SSD upgrade. It supports transfer speeds of up to 6,660MB/s which is well above the 5,500MB/s minimum threshold. Yes there are faster SSDs out there, but if your intention is to put this in your PS5, then that extra speed is worthless because you’re bottlenecked by the original PS5 SSD. If you’re worried about opening up your PS5 case, don’t worry it’s very easy. Crucial has an official YouTube PS5 SSD install guide to see you through the process.

PS5 God of War Bundle in Stock

PlayStation 5 Disc Edition God of War Bundle

Don’t have a PS5 yet? You’re in luck. The PlayStation 5 console is, thankfully, getting a little easier to find this holiday season. It’s still sold out at most places, but not all. Walmart has the PS5 Disc Edition console bundle with God of War: Ragnarok in stock right now. There’s no queue or invitations to wait for. No guarantees that they’ll stay in stock for much longer.

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