God of War Kratos Skin Available Now in Fortnite

By | December 3, 2020

Kratos is officially available in Fortnite

Chapter 2 Season 5. Epic Games released a short trailer showcasing the God of War in the battle royale game, and he’s available as a skin now in the Item Shop. What’s more, the Kratos skin isn’t a console exclusive, so anybody playing Fortnite can charge onto the island as the God of War.Players can get the Kratos skin on its own or as part of the Kratos Bundle which comes with the full Oathbreaker Set. This includes the Guardian Shield Glider, Leviathan Axe Pickaxe, and Mimir Back Bling. There’s also a custom Kratos emote as part of the set.

Fortnite players matchmaking on a PlayStation 5 will also unlock the Armored Kratos Style bonus skin after purchasing the Kratos Outfit.

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Original Story: Kratos from God of War looks to be headed towards Fortnite according to a variety of leaks and teases. He’ll join The Mandalorian as one of the new skins for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

The news that a Kratos skin is coming to Fortnite has sprung from a variety of sources and a mix of both leaks and official teases. Starting with official sources, the newest season of Fortnite is themed around getting the most elite hunters from across the multiverse onto the Island.

The official Fortnite Twitter account has been posting audio logs from Jonesey (now voiced by Troy Baker) as he scours the universe for hunters to join him. One of the audio logs, published on the official PlayStation Twitter account, mentions a man who has defeated gods with his bare hands. Sound familiar?

The secret wasn’t kept for long as Twitter user @Hypex, a Fortnite leaker who accurately leaked The Mandalorian skin before it was announced, revealed Kratos is coming to Fortnite. And a second leak, this time on the PlayStation Store also claimed the God of War is coming to the Island.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is the latest event following the Nexus War which was Fortnite’s major crossover with the Marvel Universe. This newest event seems to be focused less on one particular property, but instead on the theme of badass hunters.

So Mandalorian is one, and Kratos looks to be another. Who else could join this growing roster?

Fortnite players can immediately unlock The Mandalorian Beskar armor skin by purchasing the Battle Pass. After completing 100 levels, players will unlock a Baby Yoda back bling.

Fortnite also recently announced a monthly subscription service that comes with the latest battle pass as well as exclusive cosmetics for a recurring monthly fee. Check out IGN’s Fortnite wiki for more on Epic’s growing, multi-reality battle royale.

Matt T.M. Kim is a reporter for IGN.Source