Hades Now Has Cross-Save Between Switch and PC

By | December 17, 2020

Supergiant Games has announced that Hades now supports cross-save between PC and Nintendo Switch.

In an announcement tweet, the developer revealed that the system is now live and allows both to and from saves between platforms, meaning you can interchange between Switch and PC at will and continue playing the same save file. When quitting the game, your PC client (Steam or Epic Game Store) or Switch will sync your save with the cloud, allowing it to then be used on another platform.

It has been noted that if you have separate saves on PC and Switch, and they are both in the same slot, then it would be wise to transfer your PC save to a different slot. This is to prevent one save overwriting another and deleting one of your progress files. You can transfer your PC save to a different slot by renaming the save file, for example from Profile1.sav to Profile2.sav. These files will be stored in a folder on your PC – usually the Saved Games folder in Documents – but this may vary depending on how you customized your installation. Full details are in the Help & Info section of the cross-save menu.If you’ve not begun your descent into hell in Hades, then we highly recommend it. Our Hades review gave it a big 9/10, and we love it enough for it to be in the running for IGN’s Game of the Year 2020.
Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Entertainment Writer. Source