How to Find and Use Skippy in Cyberpunk 2077

By | January 1, 2021

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How to Find Skippy, The Talking Gun

To find Skippy, fast travel to the College St. metro station in Heywood. From there, you’ll travel south towards a question mark on the map indicating an optional side mission. The location is marked below for reference.

When you approach the destination you’ll find a stack of cardboard bales. Climb onto them and over the gate.

On your left you’ll find a dead body, along with an open briefcase containing Skippy.

Skippy is, rather unexpectedly, a gun that talks and has an entire personality of its own. When you pick it up you’ll have a short conversation with the gun. Whatever you do, don’t try and change his name…


Skippy also appears to be a fan of Rihanna. Glad her legacy lives on in 2077.

Skippy will end the conversation by asking if you want it’s auto-targeting features to be lethal (Stone Cold Killer mode) or non-lethal (Puppy-Loving Pacifist mode). You can choose whichever suits your playstyle.

Note: After 50 kills with Skippy it will switch to whichever mode you did not choose originally, and stay that way permanently. So, it’s actually best to choose the Pacifist mode if you plan to utilize Skippy long-term.

Skippy is an incredibly powerful and unique smart pistol that scales with the user’s level.

Should You Keep or Return Skippy?

Once Skippy has changed modes permanently and you’ve spent more time with the talking gun, it will ask you to return it to its original owner. You can tell choose to disobey Skippy, and it will ridicule you indefinitely, or you can proceed with the mission The Machine Gun.

The mission requires that you return to Skippy’s original owner, Regina Jones (yep, that Regina Jones). She will factory reset Skippy, rename it Daisy, and give you the option to keep the gun or turn it in for $7,000 Eurodollars.

The decision is yours, but it’s worth noting that the factory reset does not reset your original choice of Lethal vs. Pacifist mode for Skippy. Since Skippy can’t be sold, dismantled, or stored anywhere, this is the only way to effectively remove Skippy from your inventory at all after acquiring it.

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