Kingdom Hearts Collaboration Adds Famous Faces to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

By | November 26, 2020

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the long-running RPG from Square Enix and the most-downloaded Final Fantasy mobile app in the world, with 45 million free downloads since its original release of the Japanese version in 2015. During the past four years following the release of its global version, this original mobile experience has continued to introduce brand new characters to Final Fantasy canon, featured famous faces from the series’ storied history (including pixel art versions of Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud and Tifa), and told a tale of friendship, fear, courage and conflict in the world of Lapis.

In a new collaboration event running from Thursday November 26 to Wednesday December 9, the characters of Final Fantasy are joined by some familiar figures from another of Square Enix’s well-established RPG franchises, Kingdom Hearts. The worlds of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) and those of this summer’s mobile RPG Kingdom Hearts Uχ Dark Road (KHDR) collide to tell the story of how arch-villain Xehanort – the main antagonist of the first phase of the Kingdom Heats saga – once trod the path of novice Keyblade wielder on his way to becoming the Seeker of Darkness.

Alongside learning the truth of Xehanort’s past, there is a host of in-game events to explore, new special Kingdom Hearts collaboration units to summon, and bonuses to earn to empower your existing roster of characters. So, whether you’re an FFBE veteran of a brand new player there are rewards for everyone but for a limited time only.The backdrop of this collaboration is a new FFBE dungeon event titled ‘Scala ad Caelum’, a name familiar to Kingdom Hearts fans as the City of Keyblade Wielders. Overcoming the numerous challenges presented by this dungeon earns players the event reward unit Young Xehanort.

In later life, Xehanort will grow to become a formidable threat as a former Keyblade Master who seeks to conquer the worlds of Kingdom Hearts. Happily, Young Xehanort is an altogether more friendly figure, free of the corruption that will later twist his path to darkness. This new physical-attack ally features his own set of blade and whip abilities, as well as unlockable Trust Master Rewards to boost offense and increase elemental resistance.

For the duration of the collaboration event, Kingdom Hearts’ erstwhile infamous villain is also joined by other recognizable crossover characters in the form of Kairi, Riku, and Sora from the series’ third instalment. Appearing as Premium Summon attackers, the Kingdom Hearts III heroes join the roster as unique Neo Vision (NV) units to aid you in your efforts to complete time-limited crossover events.

As NV units, Kairi, Riku, and Sora utilize the Neo Vision system to change forms during combat by way of their Brave Shift abilities, which grants them additional powers, abilities, and an alternate appearance. Tactical deployment of Brave Shift and the upgradeable Brave Abilities, in combination with a carefully selected separate loadout for their unique forms, is key in turning the tide of battle or unleashing devastating attacks that inflict enormous damage to FFBE’s enemy hordes.

Furthermore, meeting the EX Awakening criteria for each unit yields Vision Cards that can only be equipped by NV units. These unique pieces of equipment depict key moments from the Kingdom Hearts series, such as Riku’s epic face-off against the Demon Tower, or Sora and Kairi bonding at sunset over Paopu fruit. The cards can also be upgraded or combined to enhance their power and unlock new abilities.

Gaining access to the KHIII versions of Kairi, Riku, and Sora throughout the event is achieved via activating Summons, with two free Collaboration Summon Tickets available during its two-week duration. Each Ticket guarantees a KH collaboration unit, and there’s a cast of returning characters to look out for too, with original Kingdom Hearts versions of Kairi, Riku, Sora, along with Cloud and Sephiroth available.

The collaboration celebration continues with one free 11-Summon for every three performed, and a free 10-Summon available every day of the 14-day event. Characters obtained via this flurry of summoning can be put to good use to grant bonuses in several Challenge of the Brave timed-events, which grant yet more rewards and bonuses for completion.

The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius x Kingdom Hearts Uχ Dark Road collaboration event offers rewards for experienced veterans and brand new players alike, but for a limited time only. The action unfolds on mobile devices from Thursday November 26 to Wednesday December 9.

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