Mario Sunshine: Locations for Every Blue Coin

By | October 4, 2020

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This page of IGN’s Super Mario Sunshine wiki features a guide containing information about Blue Coins and features links to help you find every Blue Coin all the areas of the game.

What Are Blue Coins and How Do They Work?

In Super Mario Sunshine, Blue Coins are coins that are blue.

But really, Blue Coins are rare coins scattered throughout Delfino Island and multiple other worlds in Super Mario Sunshine. Collecting a Blue Coin does not add to Mario’s golden coin amount, but they do heal two heal points. Every Blue Coin you collect allows you to save your game.

You can “beat the game” without collecting all the Blue Coins. However, if you wish to obtain all the Shines in the game, you must collect all the Blue Coins! If you don’t go after Blue Coins and have gotten every other Shines in the game, you will be short 24 Shines.

Where are the Blue Coins?

Blue Coins are scattered throughout almost every location in the game as well as Delfino Plaza. There are 240 Blue Coins in Super Mario Sunshine.

  • 20 Isle Delfino
  • 30 Blue Coins in each World (210 total)
  • 10 Blue Coins in Corona Mountain

They are usually hidden in secret or hard to reach areas. The most common places to find Blue Coins are:

  • In plain sight, but difficult to get to
  • Cleaning off M Graffiti
  • Cleaning off paired Graffiti (X’s, O’s, or Triangles)
  • Spraying specific areas with your squirt nozzle
  • Hosing down villagers that are covered in mud or are on fire
  • Ground Pounding objects
  • Defeating certain enemies
  • Revealing Shine Paintings by spraying sand in certain stages
  • Having Yoshi eat various things in each area

Where to Exchange Blue Coins for Shines


In Delfino Plaza you can exchange 10 Blue Coins for a single Shine. Go to the boathouse that has the entrance for Ricco Harbor. Once there, go around the boathouse to find an entrance that leads inside. There you will find a bear who will exchange the Blue Coins for you.

Blue Coin Location Walkthroughs

It’s worth noting that, though every world in the game contains Blue Coins, Blue Coins are not obtainable in every Episode. Therefore, some episodes might only several Blue Coins, while others might have one or none at all. That could make them tricky to find. Click on any of the links below to visit a full walkthrough containing details, images, and even a checklist to help you find every Blue Coin in Super Mario Sunshine!