See the Among Us Halloween Costumes

By | October 4, 2020

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Holiday season has hit Among Us, and it’s kicking off with Halloween costumes. But did you know you can have holiday hats in Among Us even when they’re technically not in season? Keep reading this guide to see how you can get Halloween hats in Among Us anytime and view a gallery of all available Halloween hats.

As of this writing, there are twelve Halloween hats in Among Us.

Among Us Halloween Costumes

How to Get Halloween Hats

Good news! Getting the Halloween hats is incredibly simple, especially if it’s October! Holiday hats, like the Halloween hats, are available based on your device’s clock. So, if you PC or phone is in October, you’ll have the Halloween hats unlocked.

What if it’s not October? Simply change your clock (this can mess with other functions on your phone, so be sure to check which apps rely on your device’s clock!) to October and you’ll have access to the Halloween hats.

Among Us Halloween Costumes

Below you can see all 12 special Halloween hats. They’re available for free and will show up in the Hats customization screen automatically so long as it’s October on your device.

Cat Hat

Bat Wings

Hockey mask




Pirate hat

Plague doctor


Bag hat

Witch hat

Wolf ears