The Best Iconic Weapons to Find and Use in Cyberpunk 2077

By | December 20, 2020

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You can view our updated list of Iconic weapons (including how to obtain them) here:

The Best Weapons to Find and Use

Lizzie – Tech Pistol

Shortly after Act 2 begins you’ll have access to the Automatic Love mission. After speaking to Judy in Lizzie’s Bar, you can grab the Lizzie pistol off the table outside her room. This gun is great as it fires an extra shot every time you pull the trigger, and increases the number of rounds fired when charged up.

Fenrir – Power Submachine Gun

Fenrir is an absolute powerhouse that can be nabbed early on by visiting a monk near the northern docks area of Watson. After helping him save his brother, you’ll be able to grab this iconic weapon from the Maelstrom gang. Fenrir is great at absolutely melting enemies – literally. It deals thermal damage plus has the opportunity to inflict burn damage on top of it. This is a gun you’ll want to upgrade and keep with you throughout the game, as it is useful in almost any situation.

Skippy – Smart Pistol


Not only is Skippy an incredibly powerful and unique smart pistol that scales with the user’s level, it also talks and has a full personality. This weapon can be found in the Heywood area as part of an optional side mission where you must collect it off of someone’s dead body in an alleyway. Skippy has a lethal or non-lethal mode (though these are not what they first seem!) that you can select when you first pick it up after having a short conversation with the rather sassy gun.

Follow our full guide below for where to find Skippy:

Widow Maker – Tech Precision Rifle

Widow Maker is an optional Iconic weapon that can deal some serious damage. It fires two projectiles per shot and has the chance to deal poison damage when shots are charged up. While working with Panam during the Ghost Town mission, she will talk about getting revenge on Nash. This gun can be missed, so be sure to select the option “OK. So where’s this hideout?” during your chat with Panam for the opportunity to take down Nash and his gang. Afterwards, you can loot Widow Maker off Nash’s body, adding this powerful weapon to your arsenal.

Overwatch – Power Sniper Rifle

Panam’s trusty sniper rifle can be yours after completing the Riders on the Storm Side Job. Once you’ve completed its requirements, the sniper rifle will be propped next to the motorcycle just before Panam rides away. This power sniper rifle deals high damage, has a faster-than-average reload speed and is very accurate. Its full potential is unlocked at Body level 6 – which will increase its overall power.

Prototype: Shingen Mark V – Smart Submachine Gun

This iconic Smart Submachine Gun can be found during the Gimme Danger mission in Act 2. It is hidden inside an open Arasaka truck inside the compound, guarded by a remote mine that you must quickly deactivate. Like other smart weapons, this gun automatically targets and fires at enemies inside the smart targeting square, launching a series of projectiles at up to three enemies simultaneously. This is a great gun to break out when you’re outnumbered. It also has a high critical damage modifier and the ability to burn enemies, as well.

We’re still busy adding more weapons to this page, but if you think you’ve found one worthy of being added, comment below and let us know!