The Medium: How to Enter Thomas’ Secret Room (Clock Puzzle Solution)

By | January 28, 2021

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This page is part of IGN’s The Medium Wiki guide and details everything you need to know in order to solve the Clock Puzzle to enter Thomas’ secret room.

How to Complete the Grandfather Clock Puzzle

Following a cutscene with Sadness, enter Thomas’ Office in which Marianne will instantly feeling all sorts of emotions and feelings.

Investigate Thomas’ Office

Upon entering the room, start investigating the large clock on the right side of the room as Marianne can instantly tell that there was much more to this clock than meets the eye.

Note: When searching the desk, you’ll find the first letter from the Troubled Man’s Notes. The letter appears to be somewhat recent and details a schedule of their morning. Titled “To-Do List”, picking up this letter will earn you an achievement.

After investigating the clock, begin examining the contents of the desk.When picking up the flashlight that’s sitting in the draw on the ground, you’ll find a small key that just so happens to fit the large clock.

How to Enter Thomas’ Secret Room (Clock Puzzle Solution)

Opening the door to the clock, Marianne will now have access to move the clock hands, which will change the layout of the room in the spirit world.

To access Thomas’ secret room, move the clock hands to 4:00 o’clock, as this will open a spirit well on top of the desk – walk over and absorb the energy and return back to the clock.Now move the clock hands to 5:00 o’clock, which will see the mysterious man opening the door to the secret room. To solve this puzzle, press and hold B/Circle to have an Out of Body Experience. Moving quickly, control Marianne in the spirit world and head through the door. Inside you’ll find a power box on the wall. Standing by the box, press and hold RT/R2 to charge a spirit blast and then release it to power up the box. Returning to the material world, have Marianne inspect the cabinet that contains the photo of the first secretary. Using your Intuition, you’ll learn that there is a secret switch hidden behind the photo. Moving the photo out of the way, press the button to open the secret door.

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